Building Confidence and Becoming Attractive

Building Confidence and Becoming Attractive

An Insight Into the Mind of the Average Male Who Lacks Confidence With Women

Many men have an intense fear of approaching women and a distinct lack of confidence when speaking to attractive women that they desire. The main reason for this is because they haven’t practiced the art of how to approach women in a confident manner and in a way that will make them want to respond. Unfortunately, the reason that they haven’t practiced this skill is because they don’t actually know what it is that they need to practice.This lens will hopefully address a couple of the key issues that men face when attempting the quest for confidence, and provide some inspiration to help them overcome the initial barriers that they may face


The Simple Science of Attraction

Understanding the basics…

Every man always wants to know what women really wants. Every man always wants to understand every woman’s motives. Every man always wants to know what women find attractive, and every man thinks that women are a totally different species, and want the complete opposite out of a partner that they want for themselves. This is not true. Women want virtually everything from a partner that we want, and they have the same basic desires and attractions as we do, but fortunately for us minus one enormous obstacle…

The majority of women are not superficial.Men look at women and can immediately fall in love purely through physical attraction. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that women don’t look at handsome men and think; “Phwoaaarr yehhh”, they do, but the majority of them don’t feel that intense lust (or even love) that most men do.The reason for this is purely scientific, and a direct product of human evolution. Luckily, this means for us that it isn’t really a choice what most women find attractive, and fortunately the attribute that most women find fundamentally attractive is the male personality, and not his appearance.

Again, please don’t get me wrong, if you wear terrible, terrible clothes, don’t wash or clean your teeth and you smell, but have a charming personality, then you won’t ever attract a decent woman. But on the flipside, you certainly don’t have to be an over the top metro sexual that bathes in perfume in order to bag yourself a decent catch. Essentially, if you say the right things, smile at the right time, look the woman in the eye and carry a general air of confidence, the woman’s world is your oyster.


Logical thinking…

The first steps.

As most men who have a fear of women know, the reason for their inadequacy is almost always intrinsically related to a lack of confidence in some form. A few men either a) don’t know this or b) are unwilling to admit it, but the majority of men out there know that a lack of confidence is a reason for their inadequacy.Admitting this is a fairly decent first step, but the real problems arise when trying to confront this issue, and namely, when trying to fix it. A person lacking in confidence knows that they don’t have any confidence, much the same as a non-driver knows that they can’t drive a car, or a monolingual person knows that they can’t speak another language.

And much the same as a person who is unable to drive or speak another language, most people don’t have any idea where to start. Unfortunately, these are the type of people who will only ever speak one language, or use public transport, or have difficulty attracting women and attaining confidence without someone to guide them. Hopefully this article should address some of the key barriers that hold people back when trying to gain confidence, give them the ability to think for themselves in these initial phases of having no confidence, and also provide a little bit of guidance. Ok, so you’ve taken the first step and admitted that you don’t have the confidence to approach and thus attract women.

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