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30 Characteristics Of An Alpha Male: Are You One?

Traits of Alpha Male

There are six personalities in so socio sexual hierarchy and Alpha is first on the list. If you are curious to know if you are an alpha male, then here are traits that you should know about them.

An alpha male in an animal pack – one possessing the maximum amount of strength and courage.- a general description of an ‘Alpha’

We say no!

We are humans after all.

An alpha is anyone who is more than just ‘physical strength’. An alpha man is the one who’s altruism gives him an attractive personality. A man who treats his woman right! The one who handles the rough with calm and wisdom. Someone who is not deceptive, manipulative, and full of himself.

Since we already live in a society with pre-conceived notions, it’s obvious there are certain traits that are expected out of a typical alpha man.

20 Positive Traits of an Alpha Man

1. An alpha male is an extremely strong person in the first place having both physical as well as mental will power.

2. Leadership quality is another striking feature of the alpha males and they need not be declared leaders by anyone as they themselves become the torch-bearer no matter what the situation is.

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3. An alpha male is always heading towards victory and he wants to win by any means.

4. Ambition is another important characteristic of alpha males and they are always bubbling with innovative ideas for doing something big in their lives.

5. An alpha male loves to be competitive and stays ahead of the their counterparts.

6. Challenges are an integral part of the lives of alpha males. In fact, they love to choose challenges and jump in immediately. It is a way they test themselves and taste life.

7. Alpha males are always very confident and never need anyone else to pat their back or cheer them up because they themselves know to succeed on their own.

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8. Breaking rules is one very unique trait of the alpha males. They always look forward to making new rules by breaking everything old and worn out. They love to be trendsetters and achieve success in their own way.

9. All other males are either jealous of the alpha males or are enviable towards them because alpha males are ever-inspirational and role models for others.

10. Alpha males also have their own style statement and are much smarter than the rest.

11. An alpha male is by nature very charismatic and his charisma is infectious enough to affect the surrounding people as well.

12. Staying positive is another main trait of alpha males. An alpha male is always considerable and sometimes super optimistic about his ways and means of living life.

13. An alpha male is protective of the other people around him and always stays on guard.

14. Although alpha males are usually known to be reckless, yet, they are also very much calculative about their plans.

self-assured leaders

15. He has a sky-high ego that remains unaltered under any opinions of the people. He is least bothered and cares the least about what others think about him and stays strong in his standpoint.

The man is meant to be the alpha in the relationship on the money and power front.  – Jamie Dornan

16. An alpha male always draws everyone towards him, be it a girl or a boy.

17. The reckless behavior of the alpha males is accompanied by undertaking risks in life, which is another way of living life to the fullest for them.

18. An alpha male is a determined and focused person. He never shifts away from what he decides upon to do.

19. The concept of destiny is unknown to an alpha male and he believes in writing his own destiny absolutely in his manner. This is the reason that an alpha male has complete control over his life.

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20. Anyone can depend reliably on any alpha male as everyone knows that he will sort out some ways or the other to solve a problem or to proceed with some definite plan.

Those were some positive traits of the alpha males.

However, there are some negative traits of the alpha males as well. These are described below:

10 Darker Traits of an Alpha Man

1. The extreme level of confidence is one of the traits of an alpha male that sometimes leads to arrogance in them although they never express this trait in front of others.

2. The urge to win in the alpha males instills a sense of rivalry in the males and they take every single challenge personally that may even undermine his level of judgment also.

3. An alpha male is a perfectionist and this might go to such an extent that whoever is not able to live up to his expectations is strongly disregarded by him.

4. A very annoying trait of an alpha male is he is very much inflexible and hard to convince even though his course of action is not proper.

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5. Over-confidence is the ultimate mentality of an alpha male and he may get exhausted in his journey towards victory or pursuing after some goal.

6. An alpha male is extremely ruthless and he abolishes anything that comes in his way of success or victory.

7. The sole intention of winning often makes an alpha male a complete madman as he will never take any step based on wisdom but rather on obsession.

It’s a real man who can go out with a woman who’s taller than he is. That’s an alpha male right there. – Miranda Hart

8. The leadership traits of an alpha male make them extremely dominating and he always bosses over others, which draws rifts between him and other people who are working with him or are around him. People tend to feel weary about him due to his behavior.

9. No matter what happens, an alpha male will never admit his mistake or be apologetic to anyone. This is again a very detrimental characteristic of an alpha male.

10. An alpha male keeps thriving under pressure until it becomes a habit for him and he stops thinking about himself and even does not care about the interests of the people surrounding him.

Every human being has some good and some bad and the same holds true for the alpha males as well. However, it is up to an alpha male as to which trait to nurture more.

Could you relate with these traits of an alpha male? Are you the one?

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