The Aftermath Of A Relationship With A Narcissist

The Aftermath Of A Relationship With A Narcissist

It’s difficult to identify a narcissist partner and when a girl who is dating one, does that, it’s already too late for her. Narcissists are experts in carrying masks and their true characters are revealed only when the girl is broken, torn apart, unable to stand on her own. The aftermath of dating a narcissist is extremely draining and it takes a lot of time for the girl to get back to the positive rhythm of life.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will be vulnerable.

She will try her best to hide her insecurities, her fear, her pain and in this act of trying to hide her weaknesses, the opposite will happen. Her behaviour, her expressions, and her words will reveal how weak she is and this will make her vulnerable and an easy victim for predators.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will not believe in her self-worth.

She will always feel that she didn’t deserve her narcissist partner because that’s what narcissists make their victims believe. She will stop believing that she is worthy, she is important.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will always remain frightened.

She will always remain frightened of others, she will always fear that she might be attacked anytime and like her past experience, she will not even figure it out before it’s too late.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will suffer from depression and anxiety.

She was probably a lively girl but her experiences with the narcissist left her so broken that she has developed anxiety and depression. The trauma of her past relationship haunts her.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will stop believing in others.

She trusted her narcissist partner before and he broke it. She will not trust anybody because she is scared to get hurt again. It’s just her defense mechanism at work.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will wear a fake smile.

She doesn’t wish to reveal her pain and she will wear the fake smile to convince others that she’s fine. She doesn’t want to open up to others.


A girl who has dated a narcissist will avoid talking about her past experience.

She will try her best not to discuss it because it gives her a lot of pain when she thinks about those moments. Also, she has trust issues with everyone.


It’s not easy to recover from a toxic relationship with a narcissist.

The healing is very hard. It will take time for her to get over with it. She needs people around her who will be patient with her, who will give her time to recover.

The toxic relationship has been a long struggle for her and it’s difficult for her to get over with it. She needs a lot of time to regain her peace, her confidence, her logical way of thinking.

She needs to be validated constantly, she needs people who will tell her that she is a girl who is loved, who is admired. She needs you to bring back her lost faith in herself.

She will close all her doors but it’s not that difficult to break them. She will apologize constantly and she needs you to tell her that it’s okay, that she doesn’t need to apologize. She will fake happiness and she needs your affection to know that you have caught her in the act. She needs to know that there are people around her who love her.

The recovery process is time-taking and full of hurdles. She will need your companionship; she will need you to tell her repeatedly that you are there for her, that you love her. She will have frequent mood swings; she will be on her guards. But all these can be broken with time, with patience, with trust, and with love.

But everything will pay off. It’s her relationship with the narcissist which made her the woman she is now. She just needs someone who will bring her faith on human beings again; who will show her that fairy-tales do exist, who will love her immensely and intensely.

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