The Aftermath Of A Relationship With A Narcissist


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Aftermath Of Relationship With Narcissist

It’s difficult to identify a narcissistic partner and when you are dating one, it’s already too late for you. Narcissists are experts in carrying masks and their true characters are revealed only when the person who loves them is broken, torn apart, and unable to stand on their own. The aftermath of getting out of a toxic relationship with a narcissist is extremely draining and it takes a lot of time for someone to get back to the positive rhythm of life.

When you date a narcissist, it destroys all the good and pure things in you, and you become a shell of the person you were before you met them. Before they took away your vivaciousness, your light, your optimism, and your trust.

Here Is How You Feel After A Toxic Relationship With A Narcissist

1. Dating a narcissist makes you vulnerable.

You will try your best to hide your insecurities, your fear, your pain, and in this act of trying to hide your weaknesses, the opposite will happen. Your behavior, your expressions, and your words will reveal how weak you are and this will make you vulnerable and an easy victim for predators.

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2. Dating a narcissist destroys your self-worth.

You will always feel that you didn’t deserve your narcissist partner because that’s what narcissists make their victims believe. You will stop believing that you are worthy, and you are important.

3. Dating a narcissist will always make you feel scared.

You will always remain frightened of others, you will always fear that you might be attacked anytime, and like your past experience, you will not even figure it out before it’s too late.

4. Dating a narcissist will make you suffer from depression and anxiety.

You were probably a lively person but your experiences with the narcissist left you so broken that you have developed anxiety and depression. The trauma of your past relationship haunts you.

5. Dating a narcissist will make you stop believing in others.

You trusted your narcissist partner before and he broke it. You will not trust anybody because you are scared to get hurt again. It’s just your defense mechanism at work.

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6. Dating a narcissist will make you wear a fake smile.

You don’t wish to reveal your pain and you will wear the fake smile to convince others that you’re fine. You don’t want to open up to others.

7. Dating a narcissist will make you avoid talking about your past experience.

You will try your best not to discuss it because it gives you a lot of pain when you think about those moments. Also, you have trust issues with everyone.

It’s not easy to recover from a toxic relationship with a narcissist.

The healing is very hard. It will take time for you to get over with it. You will need people around you who will be patient with you, who will give you time to recover. The toxic relationship has been a long struggle for you and it’s difficult for you to get over it. You will need a lot of time to regain your peace, your confidence, and your logical way of thinking, after getting out of a toxic relationship.

You need to be validated constantly, you need people who will tell you that you are someone who is loved, who is admired. You will need someone to bring back your lost faith in yourself.

You will close all your doors but it’s not that difficult to break them. You will apologize constantly and you will need someone to tell you that it’s okay, that you don’t need to apologize. You will fake happiness and you will need affection. You need to know that there are people around you who love you.

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The recovery process is time-taking and full of hurdles, after a toxic relationship. You will need someone’s companionship; you will need them to tell you repeatedly that they are there for you, that they love you. You will have frequent mood swings; you will be on your guard. But all these can be broken with time, with patience, with trust, and with love.

But everything will pay off. It’s your relationship with the narcissist which made you the person you are now. You just need someone who will bring your faith back on human beings again; who will show you that fairytales do exist, and who will love you immensely and intensely.

Because deep down, you’re an amazing person. There’s a fierce, independent lover hiding inside you, who is just scared of the world right now. All you need is someone’s constant love and support and you will bloom like a butterfly, conquering planets within you. You’re just too broken and frightened right now because you have dated a narcissist. It’s that special someone’s magic which will help you discover the powerful, loving person you are, and together both of you will show the world what true love is!

The Aftermath Of A Relationship With A Narcissist
Aftermath Of Relationship With Narcissist Pin

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