Exhausted! 10 Signs You Are Tired Of Life (And How To Cope With It)


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Signs you are tired of life

Are you tired of life? Do you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time? The constantness of life can often feel too overwhelming. You feel like you have reached the edge and have lost all interest in life.

Regardless of what you do, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to catch a break. Everything seems too daunting and you just don’t have the will to move one step forward. You feel like you have had enough.

  • Enough of responsibilities.
  • Enough of problems.
  • Enough of heartbreaks.
  • Enough of broken relationships.
  • Enough of drama.
  • Enough of loneliness.
  • Enough of abuse & trauma.
  • Enough of being submissive.
  • Enough of not following your heart.
  • Enough of having a heavy soul.

Enough is enough

Yet, you still need to wake up the next day and go through the same shit all over again. And again. And again. As life goes on, so do you. But you feel the pain deep inside your heart constantly eating away your soul. You can feel each and every cell in your body resisting to participate in the meaningless daily grind that you are compelled to go through each day for no meaningful reason. You want to stop. You want to breathe. You want to just be. But that doesn’t seem like an option regardless of how tired of life you are. 

You feel drained. Drained of inner strength. Drained of passion. Drained of hope. You feel drained of life. When you are tired of living life, you feel so mentally and emotionally exhausted that you just can’t think logically and practically anymore. You resist everything and you just want to give up.

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You are so tired of life.

Tired of life

But are you actually tired of living? Or is it something else? Can taking a break fix what you are feeling? Or does the problem run deeper than what you initially thought? 

Signs you are giving up on life

So how do you know if you are tired of life? Here are a few signs you’re exhausted and burning out fast.

1. You feel exhausted all the time

Burnout. Mental exhaustion. Emotional fatigue. No matter what term I use to describe it, you know the feeling deep inside your heart. No matter how long of a break you take or how much you sleep, you are constantly tired of everything. Physically. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. It is not something that comes and goes. This is how you feel every moment and it feels like there is no end to it.

2. You are detached from everything

Whether it’s people, dreams, goals, responsibilities or work, you have a sense of complete detachment and nothing bothers you any longer. You don’t feel happy, you don’t feel unhappy – you’re just emotionally numb. You feel like a living zombie going from one place to another, doing what you’re supposed to do, without any passion or emotion invested. The light in your heart has gone dark and there is no emotion left in that darkness.

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3. The passion is long gone

When you are so very tired of life, the fire that burns inside you gets put out. The passion that drove you to achieve your greatest feats disappear. You feel like the sun has set in your life and you are left lost and confused in the darkness of the perpetual night that your life has become now. Even when you know that your work matters, your effort helps others, your positivity inspires your loved ones, you simply just don’t care anymore.

4. You feel riled up by anxiety and panic

As you are unable to get anything done and feel constantly out of energy, you are burdened with stress and anxiety every single moment. You worry a lot with any real reason by making up scenarios inside your head and even the smallest issues make you feel anxious. You have panic attacks almost every other day and you are afraid that something will go wrong in your life, making things worse.

5. You can’t think clearly

Being tired of life and feeling exhausted with everything, your brain starts to feely all fogged up and frozen. Your mind feels empty like the gas tank of a car miles away from the nearest gas station. So you start making all the wrong decisions leading to stupid mistakes that further screw things up for yourself. You start getting intrusive thoughts that distort your self-image. You say “f*ck it” to yourself and start taking risks that don’t make any sense. But doing stupid things is never the answer.

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6. There is zero motivation left in you

You don’t feel like doing anything and just barely go through the motions everyday, whether it’s your work, relationship, family or taking care of yourself. You have no motivation to get out of your bed and you struggle through your day just to feel an ounce of hope and faith. Your goals seem meaningless and futile and you don’t care about the consequences of not getting your work done. 

7. You avoid everyone

You feel drained when you are around people, even if they are your friends and family. Even when you know these people care about you and love you, you just want to be alone… away from everybody else. You realize the problem is not with them, but it is deep inside you. But you don’t feel like doing anything about it. The only thought you have is “Just leave me alone.

8. The smallest things annoy you

When you feel tired of life, you are robbed of all emotions that you normally feel, yet the ones that remain are the most difficult emotions, like anger and irritability. Sadly, as you keep going through the motions without feeling anything, eventually you come to a point where you snap at others for no reason. You become triggered, angry and annoyed at the slightest push, which further complicates things for you. You feel low and hopeless even more than before, making you feel irritated and annoyed faster. It’s a sad and toxic loop that forces you to snap at the wrong people.

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9. Life is unsatisfying 

You don’t feel happy, content or satisfied with anything. Your favorite food feels tasteless. Your favorite pastime is nothing but a time killer. Making love to your partner is a chore. Sleep is never refreshing. Vacations are a waste of money. Work is slavery. And God… god doesn’t exist. The little things that made all the difference before, don’t seem satisfying enough.

10. You stay up all night

Even when you feel so exhausted and tired of life, you are unable to get a good night’s sleep. Your mind never seems to shut up, your body is never able to relax and you are never able to be calm. Insomnia becomes a daily reality as you lie on your bed staring blankly at the ceiling. Even those so-called relaxing sleep music videos on YouTube don’t seem to work. No matter how sleep-deprived and exhausted you are, the Sandman seems to have run out of sand when he comes to sprinkle some in your eyes.

However, in a cruel twist of fate, even if you manage to get some shut eye, you feel completely drained, physically exhausted and feel like shit the next morning. Sleep just doesn’t seem to work anymore.

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Subtle signs you’re exhausted

The feeling of being tired of life can never be summed up in a few words. Each of us feel differently when mental and emotional fatigue sets in and our individual experiences might be drastically different. However, there are some similarities in the pain, suffering and numbness that we feel. Here are other common signs that you are extremely tired of life –

  1. You feel empty inside
  2. Your productivity has fallen
  3. You self-medicate with drugs and alcohol
  4. You eat a lot more than usual and crave sugary, fatty or salty junk foods
  5. You are in a lot of physical pain
  6. Your workout routines have become difficult
  7. Your lips are dry and cracked all the time
  8. Your work is full of mistakes and errors
  9. Your mood swings way too much
  10. You feel like you’re running out of breath even when resting
  11. Your couch feels like paradise
  12. You don’t find anything funny 
  13. You are always daydreaming to escape reality
  14. You feel like crying all the time and tears fall down uncontrollably
  15. Doing daily chores feel like a prison sentence

You may also feel severely depressed and may feel the need to hurt yourself or commit suicide. If you feel depression is taking over and if you are having frequent suicidal thoughts, please make sure to consult a doctor or a mental health professional immediately. Depression is no joke. Suicide is NOT the answer.

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Hope is still inside you

If you are constantly asking yourself “Why am I tired of life” or “How do I stop being tired of life”, then there are certain steps you can take to become less tired of life. Here are a few tips to start loving life again –

  1. Find out what the core issue is and work on that
  2. Let go of the things that don’t serve you any longer
  3. Tell yourself that you are trying to fix things to the best of your abilities and it is okay
  4. Dig deep and find the lost passion, hope and resilience that is hidden inside you
  5. Set short and realistic goals and stay focused on them
  6. Remind yourself that you don’t need a deep purpose to feel happy or satisfied
  7. Do things that help you relax, whether it’s yoga, mindfulness meditation or watching movies
  8. Talk to a doctor about your sleep problems and get better sleep
  9. Eat clean and eat proper meals that provide the necessary nutrition
  10. Stay away from alcohol and drugs until you get better control over yourself
  11. Reduce the amount of time you spend looking mindlessly at a screen
  12. Talk openly about your problems with a trusted loved one
  13. Get more intimate with your partner and strengthen your relationship. Avoid isolating yourself
  14. Practice self-love, self-care, and self-compassion
  15. Talk to a mental health professional or a therapist

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Find your inner power

Yes, life is difficult. But life is also unpredictable. Just when you think you are tired of life and feel like you can’t go on any longer, things can turn 180 degrees. And in that moment, suddenly all your problems will disappear. No, these are not just words to make you feel better. That’s just how life works. 

There is a lot more to life than we think there is. Granted all of us go through real challenges that break us from our core, but it also helps us to find our inner strength and to build a better life. To see life from a different perspective, better appreciate the gifts we have, and find out who we truly are – strong, loving, and hopeful individuals.

Never forget – you are powerful beyond measure.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What to say to a person who is tired of life? 

Focus more on encouraging them to openly talk about what is actually bothering them. Once you understand their problem, tell them that you understand what they are going through, that you are always there to help them, and that you care about them. 

How do you help someone who is tired of life? 

You should start by understanding their real problem and suggesting practical solutions. Figure out how you can actually help them in the process and make sure to encourage them to seek medical help for any mental health issues like depression, anxiety or suicidal thoughts.

How can I make life less exhausted?

Eliminate what is making you stressed. Do things that truly matter to you instead of doing what you’re supposed to do. Set goals that add value to your life, not just your career or relationships. Develop good habits like eating healthy, getting better sleep & avoiding alcohol. Practice mindfulness meditation and talk to a therapist.

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