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9 Signs Your Soul Is Tired And How You Can Fix It

Signs Soul Tired Fix It

When you know something is missing inside you, and you feel tired, and empty all the time, know that these are signs that your soul is tired. There’s only so much you can do, and so much you can pretend on the outside, whilst going through soul loss.

It is not your body but your soul which is tired.

It often starts with you just wanting to be in bed.

The feeling of being tired even when the day has just started.

You stop loving things you used to and you no longer are particularly passionate about anything.

That’s how you realize your soul needs some energy and restoration. Unlike our body, the damages to our soul are not very prominent.

Day after day we go out with a mask on, pretending that everything is just about fine, but deep down we know that things have slowly begun to fall apart and they need fixing.

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You might get 8 hours of sleep every night; might ace your exams too and maybe be brilliant at work but none of these assure that you are fine from within.

What truly determines your spiritual condition is how you feel every day when you leave your bed.

Signs Your Soul is tired
Signs your soul is tired

Is Your Soul Tired? This is how you can find out

Rub the palm of your hands against each other for thirty seconds to create electric energy.

Now slowly start separating them until you can no longer feel the energy.

If you feel no energy, or if your hands stop before they reach about shoulder-width, it could very well be a sign that your energy is depleted and your soul is tired.

Here is the list of things that can possibly be the reason behind the exhaustion of your soul’s energy:

9 Reasons Your Soul’s Energy Is Exhausted

1) You are being honest with yourself.

2) No self-love.

3) You have a hard time saying no.

4) The constant feeling of missing something.

5) Doing things for the sake of it.

6) Letting the ghost of past haunt you.

7) De-motivating yourself.

8) Being a part of unnecessary conversations and gossips.

9) Surrounding yourself with people who aren’t helping you in becoming a better version of yourself.

These are some of the reasons why your soul is tired.

It’s often said that your tribe has a lot to do with your vibe. People who surround us have a huge impact on our lives and sometimes we underestimate its power.

Believe me when I say they can make or break you. We don’t even realize when we start picking up their qualities and habits, so keep a strict check on the sort of people in your life. If not completely then at least to a certain extent they do design your destiny.

Most of us don’t even consider these issues to be attention-worthy. We think it’s a matter of time and then we’ll get over it.

Signs Your Soul is tired
Signs your soul is tired
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