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10 Signs It’s Not Your Body But Your Soul That’s Tired

soul is tired

Have you been feeling completely exhausted and burnt out lately? Have you been trying different solutions for physical and mental exhaustion but none of the solutions are working? It may be because sometimes our struggles are not just physical or mental in nature. Sometimes it’s not just our body or mind but our soul that’s tired.

Soul exhaustion” or “Soul sickness” can happen if we have been ignoring the cries of our soul for a long time and not paying proper attention towards our spiritual well being.

One of the most prominent signs of soul exhaustion is the desire to sleep longer than normal and inability to carry out even basic functions like eating or exercising on time.
If we do not pay attention to these warning signals in the initial stages, it may lead to severe long-term health issues such as chronic anxiety or severe depression.

When our soul is exhausted, we may also feel heightened sensitivity and irritability and experience a constant feeling on living on the edge.

If we continue to live like this without taking the time to tend to our soul, we will undergo an emotional breakdown sooner or later.

Not Your Body But Your Soul That's Tired
Signs It’s Not Your Body But Your Soul That’s Tired

Most common signs and symptoms of soul exhaustion to watch out for:

soul is tired info

1) You experience unexplained pains and aches.

Our mind, body, and soul are connected. If there is any imbalance in the one, it will affect the other. Therefore, if our soul or heart is tired, it may try to grab our attention by creating physical disturbances in our body.

We may feel unexplained pains and aches, dizziness, nausea, migraine or tension headaches, blurred vision or gastrointestinal issues without any medical reasons.

2) You experience anxiety or panic attacks.

When the soul is exhausted, we may find it difficult to find peace and the world may look all dark and confusing.

We may try various means of cheering us up by trying the things that used to give us joy earlier but none of these works now and this may lead to a sense of dread and hopelessness causing anxiety or panic attacks.

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3) Difficulty in coping up with challenges and struggles that come your way.

Ups and downs are a part of life and we are generally equipped to deal with them but when our soul is feeling weary we may not even have the strength to cope up with simple challenges or difficulties that life throws our way.

It is very important to take a step back and take some time out to cater to our spiritual wellbeing whether by going for yoga, meditation, silence or spiritual retreats to gain the energy to cope up with life’s challenges.

4) You suffer from insomnia.


If we are not in a happy and peaceful state, it will become next to impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Even if we manage to sleep a couple of hours, it will be filled with anxious thoughts or nightmares and we will wake up feeling tired and exhausted.
And then we go through the entire day like a zombie, unable to give our attention to any task at hand.

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5) You experience negative emotions like bitterness, anger, resentment or jealousy.

All of us feel negative emotions sometimes but when our body and mind is not in alignment with our soul, we will experience negative emotions like bitterness, anger, resentment or jealousy more frequently and vehemently.

If we are feeling more negative emotions like anger, jealousy or bitterness recently whereas we were able to feel love, compassion, and joy earlier, it could be because our soul is weary and asking for our attention.

6) You may feel extremely lonely even while we are surrounded by people.


When we are out of sync with our soul, we may feel extremely lonely even while surrounded by people. We may feel like no one understands we and we may not be able to trust people around us.

We may face an existential crisis and question the deeper meaning of life and how we are interconnected to each other. These are few questions that can be answered in solitude and therefore we have an overwhelming desire of being on our own than being in crowds.

7) You feel disoriented or out of sync.

We may feel like our body, mind, and soul are out of sync with each other. When we are stressed and anxious, we live mostly in our heads and are bombarded with racy thoughts, it becomes very difficult for our bodies to catch up with our minds and we may feel extremely tired or disoriented.

Also when we live more in our head, we live either in the past or worry about the future and in both the situations we are completely out of touch with the reality of present moment and we may feel like we are operating in some other timeline and experience being spaced out or dissociation from the body.

Mindfulness techniques like meditation and deep breathing can help to sync the mind and body and provide deep rest to our soul.

8) You may feel extreme physical and emotional exhaustion.

When we are stressed or anxious, our breathing becomes shallow and we feel really low on energy, this is because breath is the most vital source of energy in our body.

Our bodies and muscles feel weakened and any movement feels excruciatingly exhausting and all we want to do is lie down the whole day.

It is important to get back to track by incorporating breathing exercises and mild workouts in our routine to get the bold and oxygen flowing in our body. It can instantly lower our stress levels and increase our vitality.

9) You may feel anxious and insecure about our future and find it difficult to live in the present moment.

If our soul is exhausted, we may not have the energy to plan for our future. We may just wander aimlessly without any specific goal or direction.

This can create a lot of anxiety and insecurity about future and leave us feeling overwhelmed with no capacity to enjoy the present moment.

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10) You feel our emotions very intensely.

Soul exhaustion may lead to heightened sensitivity and we may experience all emotions intensely. We may get onto an emotional rollercoaster, one moment our heart could be so filled with love and compassion that we just burst into tears of joy, and next moment we could feel devastating heartache and sadness.

Our soul may feel exhausted due to a variety of reasons.

We may be going through a tough breakup that is taking a toll on our emotional and mental health. We may be going through an unexpected loss or turn of events that have altered our reality beyond recognition or we may be surrounded by toxic people or we may not be living our truth or our life purpose and putting people before ourselves and struggling to say no.

Or we have been following unhealthy lifestyles with no exercise and suffering from host of addictions like drugs or alcohol. Whatever be the reason, it is important to take out some time for self-care to get our body, mind, and soul in alignment.

Here are a couple of tips that can help to heal our tired souls:

1) Prioritize self-care over everything else.
Take as much rest as you need. Switch off from technology, go off-grid and take out time to do your favorite things: reading, arts, dancing, painting, singing, hiking or anything that makes your soul sing.
Takeout time for your spiritual well-being, be it going for yoga, meditation, or spiritual retreats or nature bathing, forest walking or moon gazing.
Go on a detox fast or try alternative healing methods like Ayurveda, reiki, or massages.
Avoid being too hard on yourself and embrace yourself with patience and loving-kindness.
Focus on breathing exercises and grounding techniques.

Our souls are very powerful and resilient and can bounce back from any pain or grief. Just be patient with yourself and let your intuition guide you on your healing journey. It will automatically eliminate any unwanted or negative factors from your life and replace it with loving, positive, meaningful experiences and coincidences.

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Signs It’s Not Your Body But Your Soul That’s Tired
soul is tired pin

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