Tips And Techniques To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Tips And Techniques To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Are you someone who suffers from horrible anxiety and has anxiety attacks? Have you ever looked for ways to stop an anxiety attack?

An anxiety attack is scary. It makes it really difficult to make important decisions at a time where you think you need to make very important decisions. Sadly, anxiety is not something you can avoid completely, as it is just one of the things that happen when you are human.

Some experience it more often than others. Why is that? Let’s look at some important facts about an anxiety attack so you can learn how to deal with one. We are also going to explore how to live your life to minimize the chance of getting one.

What Happens During An Anxiety Attack?

When you are experiencing an anxiety attack, the symptoms are making you feel stressed. That stress is increasing the symptoms that are making you stressed. Which in turn will make you feel more stressed again.

It is a vicious circle that keeps you increasingly anxious. The fear that you are dying or in serious need of medical attention can make you do crazy things in order to survive. Getting out of this circle becomes increasingly difficult.

How To Recognize An Anxiety Attack

An anxiety attack combines the sudden rush of physical stress and being mentally overwhelmed with terror and worry. An anxiety attack can start because you are in a highly stressful situation because you are misinterpreting a signal from your body, or from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

  • I get in a fight or flight mode
  • I am afraid of losing control
  • My heart is racing
  • I am sweating a lot
  • I have tunnel vision
  • My face feels very hot
  • I am dizzy or lightheaded
  • My fingers are tingling
  • I suddenly feel very hot or cold
  • I am afraid to die
  • My muscles are twitching
  • I feel like I am not real

It is easy to mistake these symptoms as having something much more serious, like a heart attack. This worsens the anxiety and therefore keeps the vicious circle going.

What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

People who suffer from GAD find it difficult to control their worry. They worry about things that seem perfectly fine to everyone else. Oftentimes, these people have had traumatic experiences that made them fearful.

A diagnosis is made when you are unable to control your worry on more days than you are able to control it, for more than six months. Symptoms are very similar to those of an anxiety attack.

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8 Techniques To Stop An Anxiety Attack

Always remember that if you are having an anxiety attack to get in a safe environment. You don’t want to be doing something that could be dangerous, like driving a car.

If you are driving a car, pull the car over, and get yourself calm again before driving further. Instead of having to battle with your thoughts for 20-30 mins, you can calm down with one of these exercises.

These techniques are recommended by professionals to help their clients who suffer from anxiety attacks.

1. Acceptance Exercises

This technique comes from mindfulness and it has worked for many people in very different situations. So let’s assume you are in the middle of an anxiety attack. Full Panic Mode. You are experiencing a high heart rate, dizziness, twitching muscles, or any other symptom.

Now, instead of trying to fix that symptom, accept that you are currently having that symptom. Stop your mind that is racing to all kinds of explanations and focus on the increased heart rate or the dizzy head.

“I am experiencing an increased heart rate…”

It is very common to try and fight against fear. But once you stop fighting and start accepting your situation, you will notice that your body will be able to calm down. It doesn’t need to fight anymore, so your heart stops beating so rapidly, you stop sweating and you can relax.

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