When Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You, Read This


Anxiety Getting Best Of You

When you suffer from anxiety, there are days when it gets the better of you, and you feel like there’s nothing you can do to get out of that deep, dark pit.

I know that text that hasn’t been answered is annoying you. But just remember not everyone is wired as you are and they will answer.

You don’t need to reread what you said or question if it’s right. It is. Just be patient.

I know there are a million scenarios playing out in your head right now. Silence it. Think about something else because a lot of what you’re thinking isn’t going to come true.

I know you’re worried about tomorrow and that list of things you haven’t done yet is keeping you up. But you will get there. You will get it done. Just close your eyes and try and sleep.

I know you’re tired even though you just woke up but just do your best today. That’s all anyone can ask of you. That’s all you can ask of yourself. Don’t push yourself too much.

I know this new relationship you’re in has got you doubting a lot of things including yourself. Just take it slow and don’t jump to conclusions, based on other people who have done you wrong in the past.

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I know you’re scared to fail. So much so, you’re striving for perfection and you beat yourself up every time you fall short. You’re your own worst enemy and I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be.

Flaws and all, you’re perfect the way you are. Stop killing yourself to be good enough or pretty enough or successful enough. You already are all of these things.

I know you think someone is mad at you for some reason you made up in your own mind. I know you want to apologize but you don’t need to. You’ve done nothing wrong. And even if you have made a mistake, no one is going to judge you solely on that.

I know you’re worrying and thinking too much. And everyone is telling you to relax. But you can’t seem to.

I want you to know, it shows a sign of strength caring as much as you do.

This is not a weakness but a strength of yours. You have a heart that doesn’t want to hurt people. You come off as paranoid but I know you just want to make the right choices. But the thing is, you already are. You’re doing great.

I know your heart is racing but you disguise it with a smile. In those moments where anxiety is controlling you, those irrational fears are getting the best of you, you won’t be at ease until you deal with whatever situation you need to. Just take a deep breath. Do whatever you need to, that will calm your nerves.

It’s okay to be like this and you don’t need to change. Just learn to live with it with as much grace as you can.

I know you hate yourself for breaking down and crying in private because of something you couldn’t control even if it was something small. Stop hating yourself. Stop beating yourself up. And it’s okay to have those moments as long as you don’t let them define you.

There is so much more to you than your anxiety.

I know you’re nervous standing there with a beer in your hand. I know the thoughts might bounce around that no one wants you there. Maybe you were invited out of pity or maybe everyone can see how uncomfortable you are. Remember this, you’re there because someone wanted you to be there.

And just as you are focused on yourself, everyone else is focused on themselves also. Just go talk to one person. Don’t resort to a shot too many, to ease your worries because you and I know, you’ll wake up tomorrow and regret it.

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So when your anxiety is getting the best of you and you’re hating yourself for it, I want you to remember this:

It will all be okay. Your entire life is going to be okay. The relationships and the people who belong in your life will not leave you.

No one thinks you are a burden as you run over the details a million times of the things playing out in your mind. You do whatever you need to, to live with this. Everyone else will learn to adapt also.

Remember, you are loved. You are needed. You are cared about. And your anxiety does not define you, so don’t let it.

Written By Kirsten Corley
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When Your Anxiety Is Getting The Best Of You, Read This
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