anxiety disorder

Depression And Anxiety: How To Defeat Them In This Modern World

Depression And Anxiety How To Defeat

Having walked this journey through depression and anxiety myself I understand how difficult and lonely this illness of depression and anxiety can make you feel. So instead of thinking about those hurts and dwelling on them, be thinking of what is lovely, what is noble, and what is excellent and trustworthy….

33 Lies Your Anxiety Tells You

lies anxiety tells you

It is so much more than just worrying or over-analyzing, it is physical symptoms, emotional turmoil, mental exhaustion, and lies like these that consume our minds.

4 Mantras To Stop Anxious Thoughts

mantras to stop anxious thoughts

Experiment with soothing self-talk with the following phrases. See if the words relax you, calm your beating heart, allow you to breathe a little deeper, or lower the tension in your muscles.

What Concealed Anxiety Actually Feels Like

What Concealed Anxiety Actually Feels Like

I always keep my worries hidden. I mean, how do you explain to someone the conundrum of loving people and needing to be surrounded by people to be happy, but also that my deepest triggers are usually social situations?… Read more

What Exactly is Social Anxiety:

What Exactly is Social Anxiety

Have you been told to calm down? Most people have misconceptions about what social anxiety exactly is here’s how you can find out!

Mindfulness Meditation For Panic Disorder Relief

Mindfulness meditation panic disorder

Are you prone to frequent panic attacks? Is anxiety ruining your life? Relax! It’s time we introduce you to the helpful practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Find out exactly how it can help you…

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