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I Am Tired Of Always Being The Strong One

I Am Tired Of Always Being The Strong One

Are you tired of always being the strong one, no matter where you go? Everyone leans on you for support, but who can you lean on, when you need it?

“I don’t like being strong and hard. It’s the things that transpired in my life that made me this way. I just wish that I didn’t have to always be the strong one.” ~~~ Anonymous.

‘Tired’ isn’t just enough to describe the state I am going through right now. I am tired and yes, this tiredness is beyond physiological tiredness. It’s psychological, it’s emotional. I am tired of being strong. I am tired of trying to put on that makeup of a strong woman and be the Super Girl for anyone and everyone. I am tired of being the savior.

No, I never wanted to be like this. I never dreamt of becoming someone like this. But incidents…life made me face my worst nightmares, grilling me to become the strong woman. My idealism too burnt down my soft corners. I never wanted to let anyone down. I never wanted to disappoint anyone. And now, it’s me who is lost, it’s me who has become pale and worn out. Will there be someone for me, someone who will be by side in the ways I have been there for others? I really wonder!

I feel it’s something that is not true at all. People see me…strong and independent. They see me as someone who can solve anything, who can deal with any situation and come up with a brighter future. But deep down, I cry. Deep down, they are not even aware of how I have been trembling, how scared and lonely I am.

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No matter how jaded I am, I try my best to be strong. I wake up every morning and chant the hymn of remaining strong to myself. I tell myself every moment that I am a strong woman and that I should take life in the way it comes. I keep on telling myself that I have faced tough times and I have been able to recover. I will be able to do the same in the future.

Long before even understanding this new species of ‘strong, independent woman’, I had already started to become like one. A strong, independent, confident woman…doesn’t it sound so cool? Well yeah. Women like us have been made to believe how great it is to become one. So, we try our best to show these qualities. Unfortunately, the world believes in our existence.

Never ever in my life have I met such a powerful woman who wouldn’t long to fall back in someone’s arms, who wouldn’t long to follow rather than lead, who wouldn’t seek guidance at the end of the day.

The irony, it is us who keep on reiterating the fact that we are strong women, that we don’t need anyone. It matters nothing to the world apart from the fact that we try in vain to convince ourselves of our existence.

But is it all worth it? Is there any shame in blurting out the fact that yes, I am a strong woman who needs a man? Of course not!

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