Why Strong People Face The Most Difficulties In Life


Strong People Face The Most Difficulties In Life

Why strong people face difficulties?

Your strength is directly proportional to the difficulties in your life.

Problems come to those who are capable of facing it. If you’re leading a difficult life know that you’re strong because you couldn’t have it any other way.

You might consider yourself weak, neglected, abused, and used by others to fulfill their selfish desires. Crying alone in the dark corners of your room, where you fight your demons all by yourself, you might consider yourself weakest being on the planet and there might even be times when you just want to give up and end your life but know that it takes both sunshine and rain for a flower to grow. You will buckle up.

The moment you decide to fight back, you’ve taken the first step in the correct direction. As you go on fighting the abusers, be it a person or life itself, each moment you learn something significant that contributes to your personal growth.

Eventually, you will start making companions and winning their support. Every struggle makes you a little stronger than the previous time. The more hurdles you face in life, the more emotionally mature and mentally stronger you get.

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With new perspectives, you will believe that there is much more to live.

It’s easy to slip into the darker zone and harder to see light. But hopes are always round the corner. There will be moments in life when you will feel worthless and hopeless about the future. You become so emotionally disturbed that even getting through the day takes additional efforts. But did you ever ask yourself what is still keeping you going? It’s the small ray of hope. There’s no darkness that can’t be overcome with inner strength.

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How else could you learn to appreciate the light if you never experienced the grave dark? The strong people you see today are strong only because they were once broken. They have been to hell and back; throughout the journey they let their adversities teach them a lesson that made them the person they are today. Lessons are for you to learn from.

Why would strong people continue to live a difficult life?

strong people

The times and situations that shaped you is the source of your strength. Gaining strength is not akin to enlightenment. It is a step towards the same. You will tend to dive back into the dark abyss to fuel yourself with more strength, easy life will be too dull and for good.

Being strong means letting people in and not being affected by what wrong they do to you, because you value yourself. It means choosing oneself over others; choosing healing over misery. Being mentally strong in a world where people care only about themselves is all about self-validation.

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Being strong involves accepting the fact that you will make mistakes, grim mistakes, but not be weighed down by them; instead, learn from them and move on. Once you find your strength amidst the darkness, the person that emerges out of the trails is resilient and difficult to mess with.

Do strong people attract misfortune?

Struggles and hurdles are inevitable. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it. Take it this way, a person might choose to run away at the first sign of trouble another might try to get through it. What happens here is, the strong person doesn’t believe in escapism. Strong people face difficulties and misfortune too.

Misfortune doesn’t choose anyone; everyone gets to control their life.

With strength comes empathy and compassion.

Strong people have been through the hardest of times so when they see someone frustrated and angry, they see the sadness and hurt behind that. Strong people are intelligent and can see through the facade of lies. If you are trying to deceive a strong person, you better think twice.

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Having gone through so much all by themselves, they are extremely kind to others. They see what you don’t want them to see – your insecurities. Deep down they know, even they have built their fortress of power and courage, defeating their own insecurities. The strong people are different from the weaker ones on the ground that the strong people will never give up the fight, in spite of all the sufferings and cruelties inflicted on them by the harsh world. They are constantly evolving.

Are strong people narcissist magnet?

Narcissists create a wall of defense around their vulnerable and insecure self by holding grandiose and supreme ideas about themselves. During childhood, these people fail to build a positive and compassionate bond with the primary care-givers. This failure to make a warm attachment with the primary figure gets reflected in their later lives as they get incapable of forming a congenial contemporary relationship with their partners.

They end up exploiting other people of their love, affection and kindness as compensation to what they experienced as a child: desolation, abandonment and deprivation of warm. People, who are sensible and loving, inadvertently fall prey to the toxic trap of the narcissists and work as their narcissistic supply. Being a narcissistic supply could be very degrading for oneself. As a strong person is basically exceptionally kind to the core, but tough on the outside, this contrast is a lucrative option for a narcissist. For the narcissists, they are lured by strong people. But strong people don’t give up and while they may seem to be drowning in the slumber they will fight back and emerge out stronger.

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Strong people face difficulties and suffer the same sufferings as anyone else would. But the way they respond to hardships is all that makes the difference. They know how to efficiently turn adversities to virtues.

They suffer from depression and anxiety too; in fact, this is the price they have to pay for the strength. They often choose difficult jobs or partners not because they are attracted to toxic people, but because their fighting spirit, unconsciously chooses the same life scripts over and over again.

Strong people have difficult lives because they can take what life throws at them

You can be strong and true to yourself without being rude or loud.  – Paula Radcliffe

Being stronger doesn’t make your life easier but it’s just that you’re prepared to take on anything that comes your way. You know how to rise again when you fall. The difficulty is but another path for a strong person, a path which is traveled by a few people but holds glorious rewards.

Just keep the lights in your heart on and no matter how dark it gets, don’t give up. Let this make you stronger to rise.

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