33 Reasons Why Men Get Disgusted With Women, Despite their Beauty

Men Get Disgusted With Women

Gone are those days, when men only preferred a pretty face.

Here are 33 Reasons Why Men Get Disgusted With Women, Despite their Beauty

1  When she doesn’t have appreciation for anyone and even her close friends, she is apparently super pally with, aren’t spared.

2  When she sees every other woman as her rival.

3  When she makes fun of something he is sensitive about, makes him feel insulted (like his thinning hair).

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4  When she gets badly drunk, messy and absolutely nasty.

5  When she starts discussing babies right at the onset of the relationship.

6  When she has no knowledge about what is happening in the world, whether it is related to political affairs or celebrities.

7  When he finds her almost always in front of the mirrors.

8  When her attention shifts constantly between him and her phone when they are having a conversation

9  When she does not maintain proper hygiene and has a bad breath.

10  When she cannot talk to him at length, or has no idea what to talk about.

11  When she cannot help gawking at every single guy that walks by, when they are together.

12  When she continuously blabbers without asking him anything or even allowing him to speak.

13  When she has no other interest apart from him or her object of attention is usually men.

14  When she tries to dominate the conversation even before he has spoken a word.

15  When she is a spoil sport and doesn’t enjoy playing any game unless she is winning.

16  When she wants him to make her happy by showering her with the most expensive clothes, pocketbooks and wine.

17  When she can’t spell words correctly or speak grammatically incorrect sentences.

18  When she is on a marathon selfie session and forces him to be a part, and fails to understand that he is not interested.

19  When she cannot tolerate animals and is diabolical and gets shit scared when a cat or dog goes near her.

20  When she has no qualms and goes on sleeping around with other men when she claims to be in a committed relationship.

21  When she has no idea what she wants to achieve in the future.

22  When she pretends to be fine but it’s quite apparent that she is very annoyed.

23  When she protests vehemently whenever he plans to spend a night out with the boys.

24  When a woman resorts to threatening and ultimatums whenever she wants anything out of him.

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25  When she is incapable of counting her blessings and is always focusing on what she does not have.

26  When she does not make any effort to strike a good relationship with his parents and best friends.

27  When she remains cold and uninterested in bed.

28  When she only shows interest in men who are well established financially and socially.

29  When jealousy overtakes her easily.

30  When she mocks his music taste.

31  When she quarrels with him on the slightest instance.

32 When she uses other men as an example to point out his shortcomings.

33  When she is not aware of her positive qualities and her beauty.

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38 thoughts on “33 Reasons Why Men Get Disgusted With Women, Despite their Beauty”

  1. You didn’t say any new thing and I strongly object to your using term like “Disgusted”.Instead you could have used “avoid”. Vice-versa is also true except some peculiar things about any specific gender.Also It was never the case when sensible and normal men went only after beauty!

    Thank you.

  2. Ha ha this is the first thing I’ve seen them publish from a male perspective and it’s instantly shot-down. I agree it is male biased but no more so than the feminine biased junk you’ve been lapping up, like kittens, for ages. But what’s these comments about the other sounding bitter and rejected, that’s rather presumptuous, several sound like very good reasons not to be in a relationship with a person.

    1. Kudos! I’m a woman and I read the list with great interest and used as a sort of mental check list of sorts. Thankfully I don’t see any resemblance at all and neither does my man. Then I see the comments…by females and I’m sorry gals…but this is precisely why I am glad I’m different from most of you! Get a grip. Hahahaha. Let the she-hate begin on me I’m sure, but just another lovely example of why your only embarrassing yourselves.

  3. “1_ When she doesn’t have appreciation for anyone and even her close friends, she is apparently super pally with, aren’t spared.” More grammatically: She doesn’t have appreciation for anyone, including her “close friends”–whom she is apparently very close to.

  4. This isn’t an article. It’s a poorly written, unedited, rambling list of contradictory accusations by a possibly drunken, bitter, insecure and self loathing ex boyfriend. Delete this garbage and at least you get to keep some dignity. Js.

  5. This is dumb. Mostly because these are just narcissistic actions that are highly detailed. I agree with the commenter that it sounds like it was about the writer’s ex or exes specific actions.

    Also, was number 17 suppose to be ironic? Talk about bad grammar.

  6. First of all, pretty face or not, no one should put up with any of those things on the list.

    Secondly, this list looks like it was written targeting the writer’s ex(es) with some REALLY specific examples of what was wrong with them.

    Third, this list is so stupid that I can’t even read past point 15. Seriously, the internet doesn’t need anymore trash.

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