5 Signs It’s Time To Let Go Of A Relationship

5 Signs It's Time To Let Go Of A Relationship

All of us seek solace and comfort in a relationship. Our minds are mostly free of thought that may bring an end to these treasured relationships. But what do you do when the relation is strained? Most friendships and relationships offer us powerful lessons in life. We gain life’s foresight and wisdom that holds us in good stead our entire life. When is it time to pull the plug on an unhealthy relationship? Here are the tell tale signs:

When the pattern of behaviour does not change over time:
They say destructive behaviour and negative circumstances often makes us resolute and strong. But this may not be true if the occurrences are regular and the toll on mental and physical health is high. No one deserves to be damaged psychologically or even physically. A destructive relationship should be given up on if the behaviour worsens and the circumstances do not change!


You are always exhausted and never feel happy or even empowered:
You cannot sustain relationships by being admissible all the time. That is the root cause of trouble. We often consent to terrible things at the cost of keeping the relationship alive. Relationships should be uplifting and empowering and life should not be about excuses and grievances. If you are not feeling inspired, you may just walk out of the relationship!


The relationship often brings out the worst in you!
This is a common occurrence and many women and men who are with their spouses or friends feel this time and again. A positive and fulfilling relationship will help you rise up and feel empowered. If you are unhappy, you will be agitated and upset, belittled and often bad mouthing your partner. This is unhealthy and is bad for you!


What stirs the passion in you and gives you fuel to get on with life is the reason for conflict:
Partners are meant to appreciate their other halves. Even if both people have opposing views, it makes sense to support each other through trying times. When support ends, conflict and arguments take place! This sours the relationship and conflict can never be a good thing for someone’s energy and confidence. Put a stop to this and walk out!


You always think of letting go of the relationship:
We often listen to others and take advice from friends and family. They advice us how maintaining the status quo is good for us in the long run, but is it? We cannot afford to ignore the inner voice when we are struggling. The mind and the body give us indication that should not be missed. Bitter experiences can help shape strength in us. But most of us suffer in silence and inner guidance is often missed. You should listen to your intuition and never be afraid of change. Change can never be disruptive if it means a life that is devoid of quarrels and fights. Positive relationships need to stay, not the negative ones that destroy you slowly!

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  1. Sometimes in a “relationship” the concept of “ones” beliefs is enough to derail a what can be something amazing. One pushes and the other pulls. Even if the foundations is solid, the negatives that is created over time over one issue can be a disaster. Once it is over, due to that one circumstance only time can prove what was the right choice. Yes, I agree it is a lesson. But it seems both think they are right, ultimately one has to be wrong. In time one will or both will not care. It’s a shame, but I suppose it’s down to our understanding on to what we think we know.

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