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She Is Not The One: 10 Glaring Signs Of A Toxic Girlfriend That You Shouldn’t Ignore At Any Cost

she is not the one

Men tend to get all the bad rap on the internet for being difficult, unavailable, or toxic. The fairer sex, on the other hand, comes off as the poor victim, trying to understand and care for a complex and complicated phenomenon called men. But are women always innocent? Well, they can’t be in every case! So let’s look at some of the signs of a toxic girlfriend, signs that indicate she is not the one for you.

Both men and women surely have encountered female figures who had red flags all over them. Yet when it comes to romantic relationships, little is said about toxic women. So, we have compiled a list of 10 signs that will help you identify one. Whether you are already dating her or about to bite the bullet, these eye-opening signs will help you to make the right decision.

10 Signs That Yell She Is Not The One

Dive in to find the answer to the question of what are the signs of a toxic girlfriend and what stops her from being the one for you. You can thank us later.

she is not the one
She Is Not The One: 10 Glaring Signs Of A Toxic Girlfriend That You Shouldn’t Ignore At Any Cost

1. Plays The Victim Card

If she always tries to put the blame on you whenever things go wrong in your relationship, you might want to think hard about whether or not she is the right partner for you. All healthy couples fight and at times blame each other for stuff. But if this is a recurring pattern in your relationship, where your girlfriend always plays the victim and you are made out to be the bad guy, no matter how hard you try to make things right, run in the opposite direction.

2. Conceited

Does she care enough about you? Or your entire relationship revolves around her needs, demands, and whims? One of the main signs of a toxic girlfriend is she thinks the world must revolve around her. Every plan must be made keeping in mind her convenience and schedule. You eventually start feeling like a second-class citizen whose needs, priorities, and opinions mean nothing in the relationship. Wake up and smell the coffee! Her obvious self-centeredness means she is not the one who can make you fulfilled.

3. Exhibitionism

Is she authentic to you or do you find her pretentious? Does she care more about the public image of your relationship than the real thing? Posting a cute picture on social media now and then is one thing, but if you always find her glued to her phone when you two are supposed to spend time together or if she invests more time and energy portraying how happy and happening you two are to the world rather than trying to have an honest relationship, you have got an exhibitionist on your hands.

4. Cannot Be A Party To A Party

Partners take each other to attend social events where they introduce them to their friends, families, and colleagues. It is expected that neither party will behave in any way that might jeopardize the reputation of the other. But if your significant other has a habit of invariably embarrassing you, creating a scene, or making things awkward in every or most of these social situations, then her behavior signifies that she is not the one for a long-term relationship.

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5. Thrives On Attention

Yes, we all love to get attention from our partners but if your girl craves attention 24/7 and makes you pay dearly if God forbid you to miss her one call because you were in a meeting or visiting an ailing relative, then be assured that she is not the one for you. A true partner realizes healthy boundaries and understands that their partner has other commitments and that they must not expect to get attention all the time. This relationship 101 rule is hard to comprehend by a toxic woman.

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