5 Personality Traits That Attract Narcissists

personality traits that attract narcissists

People who are innately good, kind, empathetic, and positive tend to attract narcissists the most. This is because narcissists see a lot of narcissistic supply in them, and that is what draws them.

If we do not know how to utilize our assets, they can turn into our liabilities.

Have you ever wondered why the most positive, loving, caring, and empathetic people enter into relationships with people who are arrogant, dominating, and Narcissists?

It is precisely because of the good qualities, that Narcissists get attracted to empaths and caring people.

But the downside is that they do not enter into the relationship because they admire or value these qualities but because they know they can easily take advantage of and manipulate someone having these traits.

Narcissists have a strong need for validation and admiration. Because even if outwardly they project to be very confident and full of self-love but internally they have very fragile egos and a low sense of self-worth.

To compensate for this lack of solid self-love and self-esteem, they look for people who are very loving and caring and who can supply them with as much love and admiration as they need.

Narcissists themselves lack empathy because most of the time they are only thinking about how to get their needs met and don’t have the mental or emotional space to think beyond themselves. Therefore they look for people who are extremely caring and giving because they don’t mind putting their needs on the back burner for someone else’s happiness.

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Narcissists are also interested in a lot of superficial things like looks, status, money, power, or intellectual prowess. They have a sense of grandiosity and entitlement and want to associate with anyone or anything that will help them to enhance their self-image.

Narcissists consciously or unconsciously look for people who can provide them with their “Narcissistic fix”.

And, therefore there are certain traits which are highly desirable to the Narcissists.

Here Is A List Of 5 Personality Traits That Attract Narcissists

1) People who are caregivers.

A relationship is usually 50/50 and a give and take. But Narcissists inherently know that they are takers and therefore they look for people who are natural caregivers.

People who are caring and sensitive have a certain self-sacrificing quality. They like to take care of others and often end up putting their own needs on the back burner for the sake of others. Meeting someone like that is a jackpot for Narcissists as these people are their perfect Narcissistic Fix.

2) People who have empathy.

People who have empathy are generally more understanding and forgiving than other people.

Narcissists try to capitalize on this sympathetic behavior by telling them their sob stories about how they had a horrible childhood or past. They do not even mind exaggerating or manipulating these stories to invoke sympathy whenever an Empath tries to confront them for their selfish behavior. They count on such stories and emotional manipulation to get their arrogant behavior excused time and again.

Traits that attract narcissists
Traits that attract narcissists

3) People who are successful and well admired in society.

Narcissists look for people who are successful and who have a lot going for them in their lives. They only mingle with people who will make them look good in the social circle.

There are two kinds of narcissists: Somatic and Cerebral

Cerebral Narcissists give a lot of importance to the brain and intelligence and Somatic Narcissists give a lot of importance to looks and their bodily appearance (“Soma” comes from ancient Greek and means “body”.)

All Narcissists use manipulation techniques to exert control over others and get what they want. While Cerebral Narcissists use their brain and intelligence to charm others, Somatic Narcissists use their good looks and external body appearance to impress and manipulate others.

Somatic: These are people who are obsessed by external appearance. They spend a lot of time in gyms, salons, and spas.

They look for partners who are also extremely good looking because they want to be seen in society as the hottest couple. They just treat their partner as a trophy that would increase their social status.

Cerebral: These are people who are obsessed with their intelligence and brainpower. They spend a lot of time enhancing their cerebral qualities and like to associate with people in front of whom they can show off their knowledge.

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4) People who are chilled out and easy going.

People who are chilled out and easy going don’t have a need to prove themselves right. They are peace-loving and confident in their skin. They try their best to avoid conflicts and go with the flow. They make a perfect match for Narcissists because Narcissists like to win and be right in every situation.

Therefore they get attracted to people who are chilled out and easy going because they find it very easy to get their whims and fancies fulfilled by these people.

5) People who have good hearts and a positive outlook towards life.

People who have good hearts and a positive outlook towards life believe in the general goodness of people. They believe that if they have good hearts and do good then everyone will also be nice to them.

They make a perfect target for Narcissists because they never suspect a Narcissist’s manipulative traits. They try to give excuses and explanations for Narcissistic behavior instead of seeing the reality for what it is.

It is important for people possessing these positive qualities to learn to protect their feelings and become more discerning of whom they let into their lives. They do not essentially need to change their good qualities but they do need to protect themselves from people who are out there to exploit these qualities.

5 Positive Traits In You That Attracts Narcissists
5 Personality Traits That Attract Narcissists
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