21 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Interested In The Relationship

Signs Partner Isnt Interested In Relationship

Have you ever felt that your partner isn’t interested in the relationship anymore? A few signs can help you understand this for sure.

As we are all well aware, you can’t clap with one hand, a relationship needs mutual understanding and equal love and efforts from both individuals bonded together. Else “happily married” would appear an oxymoron to you.

“To know when to go away and when to come closer is the key to any lasting relationship.” – Domenico Cieri Estrada

There is no point in living in a relationship that makes you sad, depressed, and hopeless. The sooner you figure out that your partner isn’t interested in the relationship, the better you will be! Are you ready to know if your partner is serious about you and your relationship? Then,

Here Are 21 Signs Your Partner Isn’t Interested In The Relationship

1. They don’t give you time.

Does your partner react and pull away? Are they too late to respond to your texts and calls?  When they don’t want to spend time with you they maintain both physical and emotional distance. They ignore your attempts to go for a movie, holiday, shopping, etc. And you end up feeling lonely and confused unable to find any valid reason why they are “so busy”! 

2. They start behaving selfishly.

Does your partner respect your opinions? Take accountability for things? Try things to make you happy? If no then, it is a red flag that your partner is selfish. Lack of empathy, flexibility, and habit of giving back in relationships indicate that your mate is not interested in the relationship.

3. Lack of communication.

21 Signs Your Partner Isn't Interested In The Relationship
21 Signs Your Partner Isn't Interested In The Relationship

Does she tell you when she’ll be home? Is he expecting you to know everything that is in his mind?  You two may spend the entire day not talking to each other or just talk at irregular intervals and your spouse may probably think it’s normal. If your partner is disinterested in you, they turn to be non-communicative.

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4. You talk, but they never listen.

Does your partner change the topic to something else while you’re sharing something that is more sensitive or meaningful to you? Or ready with a speech even before you could finish ranting about your problems? Or just busy browsing on mobile when you are speaking? Then they are ready to louse up a relationship with you. 

5. Lack of interest.

The absence of enthusiasm to know about what’s happening in your personal or professional life is another warning sign. Lack of romantic inclination towards you or expressing the feeling of boredom is the sign your partner is no more interested in the relationship.  

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6. Controlling nature of partner.

If he’s bored of you and at the same time loves to control you, then you must run away from this relationship and never look back. Using blame game, guilt tool, chronic criticism, drama, acting moody, keeping score are some of the signs your partner is controlling you. 

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7. Playing the blame game.

This is due to low self-esteem, insecurities, and unhappiness in life. Being incessantly blameful is narcissistic or you may also say borderline abusive. This is quite common with partners who are emotionally immature and feel burdened with responsibility.  

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8. Negative feelings due to friction.

A partner who is not interested in the relationship may harbor negative intentions and leave no scope to insult you and hurt you. You may end up feeling embarrassed and depressed. When they act filthy and nasty, you must understand that it’s about them not you! 

9. Not including you in their personal matters.

They no longer involve you in their bucket list wishes, career, and future plans. It’s an indication that they don’t envision the same kind of future as you do. If they can’t trust you or consider you reliable enough to share personal matters and secrets then you too shouldn’t trust them with your feelings. 

10. Lack of respect.

Respect is the prime factor! Whether you are in love with someone or not, you should at least have respect for the person. If your partner is lying, not listening or prioritizing you, or trying to be inconsiderate or purposely hurt your feelings, then it’s a sign that he is no more interested in the relationship. It’s time for the victim to confront and make a wise decision. 

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