25 Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person

a highly sensitive person

5. You feel a special connection to animals.

You feel a deeper connection to animals than most. In some ways, it feels almost spiritual. You cannot stand to see them hurt. You treat them with as much kindness and respect as you would treat a person.

And animals sense this in you. They are drawn to you, even if they are timid. They know they are safe in your presence.

6. You are a nurturer.

Nurturing others comes naturally to you.

You give your all to take care of those who are counting on you. A comforting embrace, food on the table, your devoted time and attention. You go the extra mile to give your love. This is a strength but you’re prone to giving too much of yourself.

If you don’t prioritize your needs your energy will deplete quickly making it very hard for you to show up at your best.

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7. You are deeply intuitive.

You get gut feelings about things and those feelings usually prove to be true. You can sense things about people’s characters that others don’t see and can predict things before they happen based on those senses.

Your intuition leads you in the right direction even when you don’t fully understand why. Sometimes it strongly contradicts what others are telling you but you later realize just how right it was.

And every time you don’t listen to it, you regret it.

8. You get overwhelmed easily.

If too much stimuli is coming at you at once or if you are trying to do too many things at once, you quickly feel anxious and overwhelmed.

If those around you are creating a chaotic energy or if there is a lot of yelling in your home, you feel consumed with anxiety.

You cherish peacefulness and simplicity and constantly search for it in every area of your life.

9. You are very conscientious.

You believe in the words “please” and “thank you.” You mean it when you say them. You honor the power of communication and love it when others share this value. Just as you thank others generously, you also like to receive thanks for all that you give of yourself.

You struggle when others don’t respect the power of their words and communicate irresponsibly.

highly sensitive person
highly sensitive person

10. You feel let down frequently.

You see such strong value in treating others with kindness that you often cannot fathom the cruel things people say and do.

You often feel let down by the world around you and struggle to make sense of it all. You may have even grown a hard shell to try and protect yourself from the cruelness of the world.

11. You have a hard time making decisions.

You are extremely analytical. So when confronted with too many options, you struggle to make a decision. You imagine the outcomes of all scenarios and worry about making the wrong choice and suffering the consequences.

This often leaves you feeling stuck, anxious and worried.

12. You react strongly to perceived wrongs.

You are extremely rattled by very insensitive people and often have strong reactions to them. It enrages you to see how selfish, hurtful and harsh others can be.

You find it hard to control your reactions to these people and get consumed with emotion. This can sometimes lead you to say things you regret.

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13. You’ve had unexplainable physical illnesses.

You may have gotten sick a lot throughout your life without a clear medical diagnosis or understanding of why.

Stomach problems, headaches, brain fog, chronic fatigue; your body is as sensitive as your soul and it reacts to any stressful or negative stimuli around you in unpredictable ways. The more in tune you are with your sensitivity, the more you’ll understand your body’s reactions.

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