7 Signs He Regrets Losing You And Definitely Wants You Back

signs he regrets losing you

Relationships are seldom as easy as you want them to be. While some relationships tread towards a road to eternity others merely slither back into their holes. There could be a dozen reasons why your relationship met with a devastating end, but what’s worse is the regret that keeps clinging to your heart for long.

Have you been thinking lately if your man regrets losing you? Does he contact you often and sends mixed signals? Well, when put together this can brew a sense of confusion in your mind which you might not be able to cope with.

Here Are 7 Signs He Regrets Losing You And Definitely Wants You Back

1. Something’s Keeping Him Waiting.

When you love someone with all your heart and you want them back in your life, it seems almost impossible to move on in the blink of an eye. No matter how many women approach him to get laid or date them for their special features, if he regrets losing you, he is going to find it hard for anything to tempt him.

If you’ve constantly been hearing about his negative adamance when people ask him out, you know you are keeping him waiting. By maintaining a decent distance from anybody who wishes to be with him, he is displaying his availability for you and how he wishes direly that he can have his space back in your life. If this is him, my dear, it’s a major sign!

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2. Contact Remains Intact.

Most partners find it difficult to fall out of the habit of contacting each other even after a breakup. While some partners do feel this way most of the others merely do it as an excuse to keep in touch. In your case, it might be the second.

If your man is constantly contacting you by some means or trying to remind you of the golden days of your relationship, he is surely cooking a plan in his head to have you back. Most of the time, this sign is hard to pick as they might not come in their usually expected ways. But the different reasons why he wishes to stay in touch might be inevitable to understand when you communicate.

Your man might not have been apologetic about his behavior while you were together but now when you are apart, it pinches him. It’s not only evident by his words but actions altogether. The slightest things that made you bloat with anger earlier, now make you feel a sense of astonishment within your mind.

3. Sorry Isn’t Just A Word.

Whether it’s his way of speaking or it’s his change of patience, everything seems to have taken a 360-degree turn for him. If your man is rendering an apology by both strong words and effective actions, then it’s quite fair to say that he is regretful about losing one of his most priceless possessions.

4. The Separation Is Unacceptable.

Many-a-times in life, we fail to accept certain situations, because we hardly want to accept them in the first place. The same might be happening in your case without your realization. While you think that your man is only being adamant about talking to you or being with you the case might be quite the contrary.

He must be fighting a battle with himself about accepting and not accepting the reality of your broken relationship. If he often raises an argument about you not contacting him, or feels uncomfortable about seeing you move on with another guy, it’s a clear sign that he is unable to process the breakup through his system.

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5. His Gestures Do The Talking.

For most men breakup seems to do the job that you alone could never dare do. Suddenly, all the romance of the world and love of the universe seem to be showered on you when you break up. Do you feel what I am saying? This is a sign that he wants you back and regrets losing you at all.

Whether it is about taking you to midnight movies, paying the bills, sending you flowers, dropping you home, and telling you that he loves you forever, these grand gestures after the breakup surely cannot be anything but the obvious- HE WANTS YOU BACK.

6. It Hardly Feels Like It.

This breakup might have occurred on the worst note, but something about it still doesn’t give you a negative vibe. Maybe, it’s the extra dose of attention, love, and affection that you receive from your man. It is possible, that even after this massive breakup, your man behaves as if his memory has been altered.

Whether it showing up on your home every day and keeping the conversations just normal, if the normality of his behavior makes you feel bewildered, that’s okay! Altogether, this means that he is only trying hard to conceal every failure of this relationship to replace them with the positive. He is just trying to fill in the spaces that he fears might occur during your breakup.

7. You Can See The Pain In Him.

Whenever you run into your ex, you see him like never before. It’s always the sad version of him which he never wanted to be. More so, his friends have been telling you about his weird transformation as a person. He keeps silent. He doesn’t talk as much. He doesn’t attend his favorite parties to flirt with other girls.

What do you think they all mean as a whole? Of course, he misses you and wants you back. Most partners undergo a drastic change of personality after a serious breakup. If you are persistently seeing a change in him that reminds you of your breakup, you know he loves you and it affecting him. A lot of people might think of it as an after-breakup acting, but it can’t always be the truth for everybody. You might be able to see the pain in him if it’s genuine.

There could be so many ways to find out whether he regrets losing you and even more methods to make him regret losing you even if he doesn’t. But the truth be told, if you feel that any of these signs match with his behaviors after your breakup, I’ll be glad to tell you that this relationship meant a great deal to him.

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Maybe, if you plan to rethink this relationship in the near future, he might even come out as a totally different boyfriend altogether. In synopsis, these signs are sure to help you detect the circumstances that you are aiming to hunt for. Good luck to you anyway!

7 Signs He Regrets Losing You And Wants You Back
7 Signs He Regrets Losing You And Wants You Back
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