If You Can Relate To These 15 Personality Traits You Might Be A Psychopath In The Making

1) You don’t have even a single friend who has been there for long. People come and go and are never there with you. None of your friends have lasted more than a few months. You have never been a part of a long-term relationship.


2) Impulsiveness is part of your character. Control is something which you don’t have. If your mind dwells on something, no matter how wrong it is, you will do it without giving a second thought.


3) You need a constant dose of excitement. There should be something, some adventure or drama, even at the cost of others, to kill your boredom.


4) You are manipulative. If you want something out of someone, you create circumstances to make it happen. Whether it is a date or a gift, you make use of people to get what you want.


5) There is not a hint of guilt in your soul. You can dump people, fire or bully someone, if you have to. No matter how unfair or wrong it is. Even if you see them crying or in misery, you don’t feel any remorse.


6) You are a compulsive liar. Lying is just a tool that lets you out of bad situation. Sometimes, you lie just for some fun. Maybe, to get someone into some kind of mess, or start a drama and just see if you can manage out to fit.


7) You have charm. You exactly don’t like people, but in social surroundings, you can pose yourself as a lovely person. You understand people’s mind, and know very well, how to utter your words.


8) Others are nothing but mere objects of utility for you. You have no qualms in sleeping even with strangers for sex. Or shelter or free food. If your life becomes easier this way, taking advantage of others is the right thing for you.


9) You are unreliable and irresponsible. You never reach anywhere on time, and important events slip out of your mind.


10) You think too much of yourself. No one else, but you are the most good looking, intelligent and smart individual. Everyone around you is stupid and dull in your comparison.


11) You are self-centered. You really don’t bother about anyone else. If you are getting what you want, you don’t care much what happens to others. You are the most important thing.


12) You are heartless. Hurting others, harming them or embarrassing them for no reason gives you joy.


13) You lack sympathy. You cannot feel for others. No matter how much pain you might find someone in, tears won’t roll out of your eyes. Your emotions don’t work that way. Actually, you lack emotions


14) You get violent. Getting into fights and hurting others physically gives you high. When it comes to inflicting pain on helpless creatures, you take your time, in killing them.


15) No ill act is beyond your capability. If you want to achieve something, you can commit fraud and even kill to be where you want to be. If success is what you want, you will have it anyway.

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  1. In a way I disagree with them not having friends, as they dupe people until they are no longer of use, and the friends that do stay in their harem have some kind of disorder too. My ex narcopath’s 2 ”besties” were both functioning alcoholic males who couldn’t keep a relationship with a female. They covered up for ex and smoothed things over for him with me – aka flying monkeys. And then there are the apaths who don’t care that he’s going around hurting others because he hasn’t done it them……..yet. He will when they no longer serve any purpose, but they don’t realise that.