6 Diversion Tactics Used By Narcissists To Manipulate You Into Silence


Tactics Used By Narcissists Manipulate You Into Silence

We have been receiving a lot of queries from our readers regarding relationship issues and we were shocked to find quite a number of people becoming victims of narcissists and psychopaths or people with similar tendencies. In our ever-progressing world where most people have the tendency to take advantage of others, it’s not easy to identify a narcissist or a psychopath or their diversion tactics.

People who have this type of anti-social psychology show traits of manipulative behavior. They adopt various ways to control others, especially their peers, to hurt them and get things done. Since such type of people belongs to the category of our loved ones, it’s quite difficult to identify them too. Their primary aim is to take advantage of their peers and also inflict harm upon them.

They get these things done in such a way that the victim ends up either getting hurt or having a belief in a different version of reality, which these psychopaths have made them believe. A psychopath or a narcissist knows ways to avoid the blame and instead makes the victims feel guilty of committing that particular offense.

No matter how hard it might seem, one needs to be careful and stay away from such people.

If studied carefully, there are 6 diversion tactics narcissists use, as well as sociopaths, and psychopaths by which they try to manipulate, control, and silence their victims.

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6 Diversion Tactics Used By Narcissists To Manipulate You Into Silence

(1) Misinterpreting thoughts

Remember the ample number of times you might have said something to your peers and they made a war out of it? As the saying goes, rumors spread like wildfires, these psychopaths cash upon this volatility of words.

Once you say something, they will mould it in such a way that others will mislead you and misjudge you; this is such a way to defame you and make you seem cruel and harmful in front of others.

You should be really very careful if you find such behavior. You can never fathom how they will do and what. All you will end up is being categorized as insensitive, cruel, mean, and similar to other epithets.

6 Diversion Tactics Used By Narcissists To Manipulate You Into Silence
Manipulative diversion tactics

(2) Controlling others

Narcissists always try to control others. They wouldn’t directly try to control you. First, they will try to isolate you from your family and friends. Once they have become successful in doing so, they will cash upon your vulnerability.

Imagine a situation where people who meant a lot to you, people whom you were close to start misunderstanding you and even blaming you for no reason at all! You will lose your confidence and become extremely weak, emotionally. 

Now, the second step of these types of people will be to act like your closest person. They will make you believe that they are the ones who understand you and thereby, they will gain your trust and dependency.

Once that’s done, they will indirectly tell you or rather you will be so weak yourself that you will ask them for their help and they will tell you exactly what they want you to do. In this way, they will gain full control over you and get things done.

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(3) Shifting away from the topic

One of the major narcissist diversion tactics is this. Narcissists or psychopaths will always move away from the topic of discussion if the topic is something they don’t like or it’s something that might reveal their true nature.

They will do anything, perhaps crack a joke or cite an irrelevant example so that the primary topic of the discussion gets diluted.

(4) Gaslighting – Manipulating reality in a way that will make you feel you are insane

Psychopaths will gaslight in such a way that you will feel the reality you believe in is something borne out of your imagination. They will distort facts and make you question your own understanding of the world. This might even drive you insane because you will stop having confidence in yourself if you believe in their version of reality.

6 Diversion Tactics Used By Narcissists To Manipulate You Into Silence
Diversion tactics

(5) Triangulation – Adding opinions of others to validate their point

True or not true, narcissists will always try to add more reference points to their opinions. They will bring opinions of other people to substantiate their point while arguing. Therefore, to you, it will seem that a lot of people are supporting their argument and hence you will get outnumbered. With these diversion tactics, you will be not able to figure out where did you go wrong but dwell on the idea that you are the one who is having the wrong notions.

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(6) Projection – Pointing out flaws

One of the ways of manipulating is pointing out others’ flaws. Psychopaths will always show flawed you are; they will make you believe that the negativities are there because of your shortcomings. They will go to the extent where you will start having the feeling that you need to rectify yourself while in reality, this is just their way to hide their own flaws.

We should always keep an eye on such people. These narcissists or psychopaths or anti-socials feed on our negative thoughts and lack of self-confidence. It’s only by staying positive always and having faith in us that we can save ourselves from such people.

Want to know more about diversion tactics? Check this video out below!

Diversion tactics examples

6 Diversion Tactics Used By Sociopaths, Narcissists and Psychopaths to Manipulate You Into Silence
Diversion tactics
 Diversion Tactics By Narcissists Pin
Diversion tactics
Tactics Used By Narcissists Manipulate You Into Silence pin
Tactics Narcissists Manipulate You Into Silence

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  1. Bon Avatar

    Yes I experienced all of those from my ex husband. It started when we dated, but I didn’t recognize it. I discovered later that he manipulated me into getting married ( I had told him I wanted to break up, so he said he wished he had bullets for his g*n bc he’d use it), so I didn’t break up with him, then he proposed and said he loved me). He moved me away from my friends and family, convincing me that I was the bad guy and he couldn’t trust me. And he said he didn’t like my friends so I shouldn’t talk to them. I was so young, and he already had control of me so I fell for it. The marriage was horrible. He didn’t work a lot of the time, while I did. He bounced checks and couldn’t pay bills on time, he went out “for a beer” most nights, he yelled at me and called me names, he put me down a lot, wouldn’t tell me where he was going, spent money on things we couldn’t afford, didn’t let me talk to my friends, told me what to wear and eat and what kind of car to buy, and what kind of dog I could have. Then he started getting violent, throwing things and grabbing me and shaking me. He cheated, subscribing to an adult web site. I was crying every other day. Then he got angry bc I wouldn’t have sex, and he came at me with his fist. I told some coworkers (he’d told me not to tell anyone about us). And they helped me see it was really bad and I should leave. My ex got mad at me one more time and again told me if I didn’t like it I should pick my sh*t and get the F OUT! So I said ok. He went on a fishing trip and that’s when I left. A coworker let me stay there. Then my ex stalked me. Took my phone, put a tracking device in my car. Left me notes saying he loved me so much. I filed for divorce and then he changed back to being horribly mean. He got half my retirement value so he didn’t have to pay me as much as he owed me. I had horrible flashbacks for years. I now have my own house and dogs that I picked out. I thank God we didn’t have any children.

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