Why Narcissists Can’t Stand You Being Happy

narcissist cant stand you being happy

Narcissists can never stand you being happy. Because if you are not feeling down in the dumps, unhappy and horrible about yourself, then how can they feel better about themselves? Narcissists can’t stand you being happy, because all they want is you to feel broken and alone.

Have you ever asked yourself why it seems that the narcissist in your life is totally incapable of seeing you happy?

Why supporting you is the very last thing they will do?

It’s as if your success or happiness enrages them to their core. Worse still if somebody else is giving you some acclaim or attention.

Don’t expect a narcissist to be your cheerleader and forget about trying to teach them to be decent, normal, and civilized and be happy for you, because you simply won’t get anywhere.

I’ve been there and learned my lesson.

Check this video out below to know more about why narcissists can’t stand you happy.

Why narcissists can’t stand you happy

I’m so excited about helping you get clear about this topic today because we are going to be talking about the number one reason why the narcissist is never going to be your cheerleader and supporter; what it is that triggers a narcissist into a narcissistic rage when something goes great in your life; and how to realize that this behavior is not normal, acceptable or what even should be taking place in your life.

The Narcissist Will Not Cheer You On … Why Is This?

Now let’s get started. I want to talk about why the narcissist will not cheer you on. It’s really simple, the narcissist has got to be number one, it’s got to be about him or her.

A narcissist has a hugely insecure Inner Identity that can never be appeased. This is a system whereby a narcissist to themselves can’t sustain or hold their own feelings of wholeness or security or of being relevant or vital or whole in any way.

What this means is they’ve got to get attention and energy from outside of themselves consistently and constantly. If the attention is on you, because something great’s happened in your life or you’ve had an achievement or somebody else is giving you some acclaim or attention or recognizing you as a good person or something that you’ve achieved, this means the narcissist feels cut off from their narcissistic supply.

In a life of limitation, and feeling let down, and feeling insignificant, which is their normal, they don’t feel like they’re entitled to a life force because they have cut themselves off from it. What it means and it feels like to a narcissist is literal emotional annihilation if they’re not getting that feed and that constant supply. The narcissist’s insecure and fragile ego simply cannot deal with this.

The thing is that the narcissist’s false self, without getting the buffering and the total feed, is why they are going to slip into, (which brings me to the second point), they’re going to slip into the state that they go into when you’re getting the attention and the narcissist isn’t. It’s intense fear and panic, it’s triggering.

The narcissist, you may say, “Well, does the narcissist know that they’re doing this? Are they able to stop this, are they able to not behave like that?”

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When The Narcissist Is Triggered Into A Narcissistic Rage

A narcissist is a highly unconscious being and they’re not even aware of why this is happening. People say narcissists do what they do and they know what they’re doing. Yes, there are things that can be planned and plotted but a narcissistic rage is something that comes on because they’re getting overwhelmed with adrenaline and cortisol and it’s triggering, it’s an intense triggering.

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