A Male Brain V/s A Female Brain -10 Interesting Differences

A Male Brain Vs A Female Brain

Interesting Differences A Between Male Brain and A Female Brain.

Adam and Eve, the man and the woman, are different anatomically, emotionally and by nature. But did you know the similarities between a man and a woman does not end there?

The brain of a man and a woman are structured differently? Yes, due to the differences in their brain, their logical reasoning, perception, analysis, emotions and the sense of sound and space are distinct. Fundamentally their brain varies by virtue of chemistry, processing, activity, and structure.

Here are 10 amazing differences between a male brain and a Female Brain.

1. Multitasking

How often did you have to yell at your husband for watching the soccer match so attentively, that he could not hear the baby crying in the next room or the doorbell ringing?

Lady, please know that he is simply not good at multitasking the way you are! While you can bake a cake, talk on the phone and at the same time keep an eye on your rambunctious toddler your man cannot. And the reason is very obvious his brain is not wired to do multitasking the way you do.

The female brain makes use of the white matter more than the male. Also, the number of processes in the female brain is more. The male brain only has a single process.

2. Problem-solving

Yes, I know girls are notorious for their gossips and bitching about everything wrong with their girlfriends. And the reason for that is the female brain cannot classify or process a particular problem.

Males, on the other hand, can classify the problems compartmentalize them and then solve each of them individually. So, girls next time you have something to bitch about your boyfriend, you know who to go to? Your male best friend, instead of your female best friend. Seems cool right, eh? 😉

3. Communication and speech

The reason why every time she wins a debate with you, Or can better reason with your child than you can is because she is a better communicator. I am sure she can bargain like a pro, while you stand in the sideline and admire her skill. Well, she is many many times better at articulating words, putting her point across than you!

And the scientific explanation for this is that: In the male brain, the left hemisphere is more functional than the right. While in the female brain both the right and the left hemispheres are evenly functional. So she has powers in both her hemispheres unlike you! 😉

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4. Analytical skills

The male brain is larger in size than the female. The extra space in the male brain makes it easier for them to compartmentalize or analyze a problem better. Men, for this reason, are better problem-solvers and decision-makers. Sorry girls you lose this point! ;-(

5. Bonding and relationship

Women are caregivers, healers, and nurturers. Whenever you are sad or depressed, her hug makes you feel all is right in the world. And every time you see your infant bonding with your woman, you cannot help but marvel at her. Do you want a scientific explanation for that?

Here goes: The female brain produces higher levels of serotonin and oxytocin. The oxytocin is also released in the females during childbirth which helps in forming the bond between the baby and the mother.

6. Language and vocabulary

Often in a disagreement or fight, you have difficulty in understanding what new word your girl said. Your girl knows how to use words more articulately than you. Want to know the reason why?

In the female brain, the verbal centers are located on both sides, while in the male they are located only at one side. Also in a normal conversation between a man and a woman, the man uses fewer words to narrate about a particular incident. This is also the reason why girls are more talkative than guys. Girls are good at languages for this reason as well.

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