The Reason Men And Women Think So Differently. This Guy Nails It

The Reason Men And Women Think So Differently. This Guy Nails It

Why Men And Women Think So Differently?

It’s no secret that men and women have always had difficulty fully understanding each other. But no one puts it better than International marriage speaker and comedian Mark Gungor.

According to marriage expert and comedian Mark Gungor, men and women have TOTALLY different styles of thinking…and it comes down to the way we sort things in our brains!

“Men’s brains and women’s brains are different!

And here’s how: Men’s brains are made up of little boxes and we have a box for everything. We have a box for the car. We have a box for the money. We have a box for the job, a box for the kids, a box for you, a box for your mother…somewhere in the basement.

And the rule is the boxes do not touch. All right?

When a man discusses a particular subject, he goes to the appropriate box, slides it out, opens it up, will discuss only the content of that particular box and then when he is done, he puts it away hoping not to touch or disturb any of the other boxes.

Now a woman’s brain is made up of a big ball of wire and everything is connected to everything…It’s like the Internet superhighway, and it’s all driven by energy that we call emotion. It’s one of the reasons that women tend to remember everything because if you take an event and tie it to emotion you can remember it forever. The same thing happens to men, but it doesn’t happen very often, because frankly…we don’t care. But women tend to remember EVERYTHING! Zzzzzzz-zzzzz-zzzz.

Men have a box in their brain that women are not aware of. This particular box, has NOTHING in it. It’s true. In fact, we call it the “Nothing” box. And of all the boxes a man has in his brain, the nothing box is his favorite box. If a man has a chance, he’ll go to his nothing box EVERYTIME. That’s why a man can do something seemingly completely brain dead for hours on end. You know, like, fishing. They’ve actually measured this. The University of Pennsylvania did a study and men can do absolutely nothing and still breathe. Women can’t do it. Their minds never stop! Zzz-Zzzz-zzzz. And they don’t understand the “Nothing” box…and it drives them CRAZY…because NOTHING makes a woman go crazy like watching a man…doing…nothing!”

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These words were excerpted from one of Gungor’s most famous speeches, transcribed from the video below. 

The Reason Men And Women Think So Differently. This Guy Nails It

67 thoughts on “The Reason Men And Women Think So Differently. This Guy Nails It”

  1. Woman’s subtle physical body accepts light, in this world, much more readily than does a man’s.The subtle physical body of a woman is very different than that of a man. While both are composed of luminous fibers of light, the subtle physical body of a woman conducts light, or vibrates with light, at a different rate than that of a man. The subtle physical bodies of men are much denser. They’re much more tightly packed. The subtle physical body of a woman is much more pliant. So, in my estimation, it’s much easier for a woman to absorb and retain light and to change. In other words, the subtle physical body of a man is more fixed, a woman’s is more pliant and that’s the most important thing in self-realization, in enlightenment—the ability to make tremendous and rapid transcendences, to constantly change and reshuffle ourselves again and again in the white light of eternity. ~ Rama Dr. Frederick Lenz
    Aligned Women’s Subtle Energy system can manifest most what she want, Their awareness pervades everywhere which gives them Intuition, Emotional intelligence, Emotional communication. Their menstruation makes their mind body so pliant, relax, calm & soft at very early age which attracts more energy, gives intelligence and stillnesst.

    1. Cynthia Schoenbauer

      I agree. The explanation makes me feel like an object that no one would bother to get to know. Vegging out is something all people do. If you don’t want to get to know women, men, why don’t you just say so? Admit to feeling scared or uncomfortable with feelings. But at the same time do not come to women to meet all your physical and emotional needs that you don’t have the least clue about, because women who value themselves just don’t want it. There is nothing in it for us anymore, now that we can support ourselves physically and emotionally.

  2. I would add that EVERYONE has a right brain and left brain to work together…hence God created “MEN AND WOMEN TO HELP EACH OTHER” even as they juxtapose each other…the female dominate in women, the male dominate in men, but a well balanced individual can offer both nuturing and strength, to the other, as needed.

  3. That was not helpful at all. Back to square one, which apparently, we can’t change any way, according to this article. It makes it sound as if men are useless.

  4. We are all amazingly complex human beings, with brains that are wired to do pretty incredible things. Forget the nothing box, how about having a nothing brain. A quiet mind that is filled with intricately complex circuitry, all working in unison, simultaneously in perfect harmony. A quiet brain that anyone who is willing to apply their effort towards, can access and learn to maintain for the rest of their lives. Male, Female, Child, Elderly, it maters not.
    Just by focused intention on meditation, on quieting the chatter, the internal dialogue.
    Focused intention: Declaring that you want to quiet your mind and applying a small amount of effort towards doing it.
    Mental and emotional peace, and physical well being are within in each of us right now, we only need to want to experience it. Blessings!

    1. I agree Diane.
      There is only one thing I agree with in this whole story. The second sentence is the only true I saw. It says, “Men are very Simple.” Isn’t that the truth? They even call their favourite room “The Man Cave.” Why? Because their brains haven’t evolved from that era. We all know that men are in power all over the world……and look at the disgusting mess they made. Their afraid to put women in power because they know we’ll get it right and that would damage their big ego’s.

      1. We do not put women in power because it is not about getting it right or wrong, or we afraid of our ego get damaged by them, (FYI if a man wanted to destroy a woman bcuz of his ego he would do it good, and he is very very good in that), still as you are with a little brain, thinks that the ego is the issue, but the male’s eggo is a big advantage on the earth, with that ego families grow up and you as a woman feels secure and stable through your lifetime, the ego is a weapon, anyone could use it right or wrong, but there is nothing bad about having the ego in the first place. Back to the main point, The some women agrees or disagrees, the man is the king of the earth, the women follows the men. If you do not accept that I doubt you are a lesbian woman who likes to f*k other woman, so you feel other men as competitors to you, or you might be a shemale, or you are having issues with men in your childhood, the normal healthy women do accept to be guided and lead by men, since that is how the universe works.

  5. Nothing but masogynistic trash. Brain studies have shown that the is absolutely No relation to gender and thought patterns.

  6. I totally agree. It's a shame LC could not put her feelings across to me, like the way she could on countless FB posts to people she does not know. Arr well nevermind, she can stay in her reparative little world and keep going round in circles, poor las

  7. Love to break it to everyone, but that "appears to be the majority of men". Not all men "think like this". Don't buy it. Every man is unique. Appreciate that. You married him or dating him, get to know him, and he to know you. Enjoy life. Don't buy into this mess. Thinking all are the same, in regards to gender, you're actually hurting yourself in the way you understand each other.

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