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5 Things Women Want From Men (That Aren’t Chocolate and Flowers)

Things Women Want From Men

A woman doesn’t want a man who promises to reach for the stars and bring her the moon. She just wants a man who has the depth to stand by her, no matter her moods and shortcomings and cares for her likes and dislikes. She needs a man who is strong enough to be faithful to her and who can promise her a lifetime of love.

Why Nice Guys Lose In Dating

Why Nice Guys Lose In Dating

Girls are always complaining that they can never meet a nice guy. Nice guys are everywhere. The problem isn’t that there aren’t any nice guys, the problem is that all of the nice guys are ugly.

— Carroll Bryant

16 Things Women Want From the Man in Their Lives

Things Women Want From Man

Women are mysterious, to say the least. And this is why men have been asking what women want since time immemorial. Although it may seem like a tough question, the answer may be right in front of our eyes.

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