10 Moving Optical Illusions That’ll Trick Your Brain And Reveal Your Personality

Moving Optical Illusions That'll Trick Your Brain Reveal Your Personality

Optical illusions are an interesting branch of psychology and optics that relates the vision with the mind space. Here are interesting moving optical illusions that will help you know more about your personality.

The universe is full of complicated phenomena and mind-blowing things. The things we see do not exist and the things that exist, we do not see. Our vision is related to the functioning capacity of the brain. Though at an elemental level all brains are structured in the same way, not all minds are the same. They differ sometimes in the form of subtle nuances, and other times the differences are not so subtle.

Some interesting facts about optical illusions:

1. The contrasting colours or lighting often imparts the illusion of motion. This illusionary motion, in reality, is not valid.

2. Women are better at solving optical illusions related problems than men. In fact, women are better with deciphering the differences between various colours, patterns, and designs. This might be a very good explanation for why women are better shoppers than men. Because men cannot distinguish the differences. 😉

3. Men have higher rates of having colour blindness at 8% while women stand at only 3%

4. The colour tones in a woman’s body are more varied than a man’s. Surprised? Well, the illusion! Illusion!

5. Autistic traits of an individual can be determined through optical illusion.

6. The brain identifies a rectangle faster than a circle. As most of the objects of our environment are rectangular in shape.

7. Our mind’s eye is functional in nature. So, we see elaborate systems of circles, rectangles, etc rather than just groups of messy pixels.

8. Symmetry is an illusion of the brain that it often conjures up.

They say “seeing is believing,” but can you really trust what you see?

Read on to find out more about optical illusions and how they are related to the human mind, sub consciousness and the overall personality in itself 

10 Mind-Bending Moving Optical Illusions That Will Help Reveal Secrets About Your Personality

Optical Illusion #1- Do you let imaginations run amuck?

Which direction do you see this image spinning?

10 Moving Optical Illusions That'll Trick Your Brain And Reveal Your Personality

A free thinker will see the image spinning from left to right,
while a traditionalist will notice the movement from right to left. So, what are you a free thinker who lets her imagination run wild or a logical owl who asses logic behind everything?

Optical Illusion #2. To which Direction are you headed?

10 Moving Optical Illusions That'll Trick Your Brain And Reveal Your Personality

Concentrate your vision on both the inner and outer circles. What do you see in this moving optical illusion? If you spot movement in the inner circle, then you are an introvert. Movement on the outer circle shows you are an obnoxiously extrovert.

Optical Illusion #3. Your mind is full of clutters of boxes!

Do you see this image moving?

10 Moving Optical Illusions That'll Trick Your Brain And Reveal Your Personality

Dear fella, please learn to focus your mind on constructive things. This moving optical illusions tells about your restlessness of the mind. If you see zero movements, then pat yourself on your back. If not, get your meditating mats out faster! You need to focus your mind.

Optical Illusion #4. Hi, Bubbles!

Can you see the bubbles moving in a particular direction?

10 Moving Optical Illusions That'll Trick Your Brain And Reveal Your Personality

Did you know your mind is a musical entity? Did you not? Well yes, most definitely your mind is musical. Though your mind may be more musical than your friend. Movements in the bubbles from left to right denote you are a born musician with the knowledge of tones and rhythms.

Optical Illusion #5. Spiraling into a rabbit hole is a difficult maze for sure!

Is this spiralling left to right – or right to left?

10 Moving Optical Illusions That'll Trick Your Brain And Reveal Your Personality

If you see the spiral spanning from left to right, you are a realist. If you see the spiral from left to right, then you probably fret a lot about the smallest of things.

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