Choose Your Favorite Sin To Reveal Your Shadow Personality

Choose Favorite Sin Reveal Shadow Personality

What is your favorite sin? Our sins define us in ways nothing else can. They reveal our true colours which otherwise we are probably scared to manifest. All of us have flaws. Sins are a part of us and bring out those inner traits.

“People to whom sin is just a matter of words, to them salvation is just words too.” ― William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying.

Sometimes we are aware of the sins we hide inside us but too afraid to accept it. Curious to see your dark side? Read on to know what your favorite sin tell about your personality. Although, it may not reveal your complete personality but says a lot about your dark side and hidden weaknesses.

(1) Wrath:

Wrath is the personification of anger which brings out your animal instinct lying deep inside the corner of your heart. It is extremely harmful and detrimental because it makes you lose your rational thinking and acts in ways crossing limits of morality.

If you possess this sin, then it means that you have a demon inside you. You are driven insane by your rage; it grips you from all sides like an octopus and causes harm to you more than your enemies. Probably you control it most of the times but if it takes control over you, you can’t breakaway.

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(2) Gluttony:

There’s a big difference between being a foodie and possessing the sin of gluttony. Foodie is the one who loves to eat but gluttony is the desire for food which one cannot quench. There’s nothing wrong in being a foodie. However, possessing gluttony is absolutely detrimental. When you have gluttony, you keep on gorging on food till you suffocate. And this affects you more than anyone else.

Having this sin means you are self-destructive. If you keep on taking food more than your body deserves, you are ruining yourself and nobody can help you out of it. Gluttony is insatiable and ruining yourself with food reveals an extremely dark side of your personality.

(3) Sloth:

We often enjoy being lazy sometimes but sloth is the extreme of laziness. It’s simply about eating and sleeping. It makes you unproductive and reveals how selfish you are. If sloth is your favorite sin, you are not doing any good to the world of the living. Your presence and absence on Earth makes no difference.

Caring only for your food and comfort means you are not contributing to the world which nourished you. You are 100% focused on your own comfort and peace. You might keep on sleeping but the world too wouldn’t care.

(4) Greed:

Apart from the fact that both ‘need’ and ‘greed’ ends with ‘eed’, there’s absolutely nothing in common in between them. Greed is lusting for things you don’t even need. It’s sick, it’s pathetic. It shows how selfish you are about yourself and that you lack empathy for others.

If greed is the sin you have, you are very superficial. You only care about material things and all that is luxurious. The more you try to quench it, the more it will grow, destroying you. Greed makes you appear shallow and devoid of deep thoughts.

There is nothing in this world enough for everyone’s greed. If greed is your favorite sin then remember that it adds nothing substantial to your personality and makes you the most difficult person to be with.

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(5) Jealousy:

Jealousy is the cherished displeasure for someone else’s happiness. It creates a baseless feeling of deprivation and snatches away your self-confidence. If the other person is happy, then there’s absolutely no reason for you to be upset because there’s nothing you can do about it.

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