The 7 Deadly Sins Quiz: A Test To Reveal Your True Self


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Deadly Sins Quiz True Personality

If greed is the sin you have, you are very superficial. You only care about material things and all that is luxurious. The more you try to quench it, the more it will grow, destroying you. Greed makes you appear shallow and devoid of deep thoughts.

There is nothing in this world enough for everyone’s greed. If greed is your favorite sin then remember that it adds nothing substantial to your personality and makes you the most difficult person to be with.

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5. If you choose Jealousy

If you choose Jealousy 7 Deadly Sins Quiz

Jealousy is the cherished displeasure for someone else’s happiness. It creates a baseless feeling of deprivation and snatches away your self-confidence. If the other person is happy, then there’s absolutely no reason for you to be upset because there’s nothing you can do about it.

Having jealousy as your favorite sin means you are losing your power of happiness to others.

You are moving towards something without a proper foundation.

You don’t have any control over your thoughts and life. It creates poor, negative thoughts, adds unnecessary trouble to a peace which could probably exist.

You lose your sense of judgment and if you let it grow, you can harm your victim too.

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6. If you choose Pride

If you choose Pride 7 Deadly Sins Quiz

Pride is the penultimate step towards downfall. It’s the feeling of superiority over others you carry based on your success and things you possess.

If you have pride, it means you judge people according to their statuses and considering them inferior, you are likely to treat them in unwanted ways.

If you don’t treat everyone equally irrespective of who they are or what they have achieved, you are just practising vanity and soon, you aren’t focusing on your personal development and are going to lose your status too.

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7. If you choose Lust

If you choose Lust 7 Deadly Sins Quiz

Lust is the desire for one’s body you can’t take control of. Originating from one of the primitive instincts, it reflects a very shallow aspect of your personality.

If this is your favorite sin, it reflects your inner animal that only seeks bodily pleasures and not deep conversation. You prioritize physical connections and ignore emotional connections.

If you are driven by the lust for instant gratification, it means your body takes control over you than your mind. Possessing lust is harmful because it restricts your cognitive growth and it makes you crave for more physical pleasure which might turn out to be dangerous for others as well.

We hope that you got the answers you were looking for in this 7 deadly sins test! Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Choose Your Favorite Sin And Find Out What It Reveals About Your Shadow Personality.
Seven Deadly Sins Quiz: A Test To Reveal Your True Personality
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The 7 Deadly Sins Quiz: A Test To Reveal Your True Personality

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  1. Meighan Avatar

    This article couldn’t have hit home any harder then now. I want to be honest with myself, love myself and not hide secrets anymore. Thank you for the guidance I needed and the journey ahead begins today.

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