Choose A Sun As Your Emblem – Discover What Your Archetype Symbol Means

Choose Sun Emblem Discover Archetype Symbol Means

You may discover a great deal about your underlying personality in a number of ways. Choose a sun and this alchemical symbol quiz will help you determine your personality.

If you were about to create your flag, by choosing a Sun, which one would you pick? Which sun emblem describes you best? Each Sun is an archetype symbol, which is associated with a Magical Force.

Emblems were and still are chosen (although now we call them logos) to represent the force that stands behind who we are. Our true nature and our deepest aspirations. So which one would you pick?

Choose A Sun As Your Emblem Quiz – See What Your Archetype Symbol Means

1. The Sun of Illumination

Choose A Sun - The Sun Of Illumination
Choose A Sun Emblem Personality Test

This is the Sun which corresponds to an ancient Greek Symbol, the Star of Vergina, mostly known as the Star of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great. The Star of Vergina is God Helios (Sun God) himself.

This sun represents our soul’s wisdom as a powerful weapon against the darkness. If you chose this sun emblem, what you are striving for is Knowledge and Clarity. In your past life, you may have lived close to a great King whom you wisely consulted.

Sometimes you may be stern in your decisions but these are characterized by the Spirit of Justice. You are a natural-born leader in any case.

Athena Goddess of Wisdom has the Sun of Vergina on her Shield. Wisdom is the Greatest Weapon and Protection

2. The Sun behind the Clouds

The Sun behind the Clouds
Pick A Sun Symbol Quiz

This is the Sun of modesty. Although you shine, he does not manifest his Powers to their whole extent.

If you chose this Sun as your emblem, you hide great powers inside you. You have all qualities to become a great person. But there is something that hampers your development. Be honest with yourself and revoke every obstacle so that you can shine in your whole brilliance. Remember the Latin proverb: Non-Velat Umbra Diem, which translates to“The clouds will not cover the Sun”.

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3. The Sun of Chaos

The Sun of Chaos
Choose A Sun And Discover The Meaning Of Your Emblem Quiz

One of the most potent yet difficult Suns. This Sun represents our infinite Chaotic powers which unfortunately cannot be easily harnessed. (See our Spell of Infinity Mirror for help).

Chaos is a powerful Power. It can be creative or destructive. Embrace the Chaos inside you, as the whole Universe does. We are a result of a thousand different forces. Make peace with these forces and they will help you. Think positively about its potential and set a good goal in order to remain focused on it.

4. The Sun of Sacred Geometry

The Sun of Sacred Geometry
Choose A Sun And Discover The Meaning Of Your Emblem Quiz

This is a Sun that can be connected with esotericism and spirituality. Everything inside you comes from the power of harmony and divine symmetry. Genuine Beauty is what you are seeking. Reading about ancient cultures is an activity you adore. Communication with the Spiritual World is possible for you.

You also have the ability to practice magic and cast spells. You also have the powers of Intuition, Empathy, or even Telepathy at your disposal. This is a great asset undoubtedly. Just be careful not to become too fragile emotionally. You may sometimes seem too naive to the others because of your pure nature. That could make you vulnerable, therefore protect your self from malevolent intentions.

5. The Sun of Destruction

The Sun of Destruction
Choose A Sun And Discover The Meaning Of Your Emblem Quiz

This Sun reminds us of a Sauvastika rotating anti-clockwise. Unlike the Armenian Eternity Sign and similar to the first Mandala we presented in this article, you are a Destroyer. This is not necessarily a negative attribute. A creative power could act in a more effective way when a destructive power has paved the way in order to remove what should fade away.

There is no Rebirth without Death. But be careful! Before you act, you should be aware of what you are aiming at. Don’t destroy without being able to rebuild. At best, you should combine your powers with a Creator, being a co-worker, a comrade, or a partner.

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6. The Sun of Primordial Waters

The Sun of Primordial Waters

This is the Sun of Illusions. If you chose this sun emblem, then you are remarkably open-minded and you have extraordinary ideas and thoughts. Everything appears to be possible for you. This can be very inspiring for you and the others around you. You also have an erotic attitude which makes you fairly attractive.

Yet, you often become unrealistic or even delirious. Afterward, you get disappointed because of your high expectations. You also may tend to experiment with hallucinatory drugs.

What you should do is to find a project that matches you. You would enjoy working by the sea, in a gallery, or in a theatre. You can create a vivid and colorful world around you as long as you understand that life is not without responsibilities and difficulties.

7. The Sun of Creation

The Sun of Creation

Contrary to 5, this Sun is closer to a Swastika rotating clockwise. You are the Creator that appears where Chaos and Disaster had prevailed before. You have tremendous creative powers. You also have many tasks. Honor and Morality are values you respect. Sometimes, you are too much devoted to your duties that you neglect your own self.

This is something you should avoid in order not to spend all your powers at once. People love you but sometimes think you are a bit distant. Family and home are important to you.

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8. The Burning Sun

The Burning Sun
Choose A Sun As Your Emblem Personality Test: 8 Symbol Quiz

This is the warmest and most passionate Sun. If you gravitated towards this sun emblem, then you have tremendous amounts of energy which nevertheless cannot easily be directed. Unfortunately, on many occasions, you may spend much of your valuable energy on excesses like alcohol, gambling, or futile love stories. Beware!

In all your beauty, you may be self-destructive like Phaethon the son of Helios who could not drive the sun chariot of his father and he set the earth ablaze. According to another version of the myth, Zeus killed him before he plays havoc on earth.

Use this tremendous energy of yours on art and other creative activities. You have a huge potential on which you can capitalize. If you do so, success is guaranteed.

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Choose a Sun as Your Emblem – Find Out What it Means For You
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