Why Do Empaths Have Such a Strong Sense of Not Belonging?

 January 30, 2018


Society is constantly dictating to us, trying to tell us how to think, how we should be educated and what we need to make us happy. But what society tells us will make us happy really won’t and the Empath KNOWS that… Even if on the surface level they don’t yet realise.

We are not all supposed to look, think and feel the same. We are each unique (even as Empaths) and we are meant to have our own experience of discovery. But we are lied to all the time and made to feel insecure and insignificant.

It is hardly surprising then that, as Empaths, we feel like we don’t belong. We sense the hidden lies, and manipulation, all around us (which makes finding ‘our truth’ an even greater challenge). It is hard to feel right in a world where everything feels so wrong!

The strong sense of not belonging can even be attributed to us not belonging to ourselves…

There is, however, a silver lining, because the farther down this road we walk, the more sense the journey makes. As long as we keep working on ourselves, keep believing in ourselves, listen to our inner-voice and our own truth we will see it and come to understand the reason for all that we feel…

You may not fit in with the outside world but as long as you fit in with you, you will find your place and your sense of belonging (be true to yourself).

Good things don’t happen overnight but they do happen!

Wishing you all the best for the year ahead. I hope 2018 brings you health, happiness, and harmony.

Written by ©Diane Kathrine

Originally appeared on Knowing1 WordPress

Printed with permission

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