Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One

Can Introverts Be Evil

Everyone can be toxic and evil at times. We all have the choice and the potential to harm or help others. But as there are so many misconceptions about introverts, it can be hard to fully understand them.

Introverts are malicious!

Even the strongest are afraid of the silent introvert. They are wicked and violent people who don’t care about relationships. As they stay alone all the time, they can’t relate with others. They keep their thoughts and emotions to themselves, bottling up their feelings, which make them feel overwhelmed. This leads to years of resentment and bitterness. They are rarely expressive, extremely sensitive, always thinking and can hold grudges for years.

They sit quietly in the corner all by themselves, plotting and scheming. They may appear shy and innocent, but behind that deceiving façade, lies true evil. They can’t take jokes and take everything personally. You will never know when you have hurt them or if they are angry at you. Unless they tell you, which they won’t. They hide malice inside their hearts and spill it out like slow poison. They hide their evil intentions well and will strike you when you least expect it.

Well, I’m an introvert and I’m not evil. 

Of course, I do get angry and react negatively at times, depending on the situation, like any normal person would. But I don’t spend my day plotting about how to hurt people. There’s a little bit of evil in everyone regardless of how “good” they may be. That’s what the whole concept of  yin and yang is all about.

Unfortunately, introverts are considered as neurotic, anti-social outcasts and even psychopaths. In fact, it is even wrongfully believed that many mass shooters belong to this personality type. Research shows that both introversion and extraversion are related to borderline personality disorder (BPD) and antisocial personality disorder (APD). Another study shows that introversion and extraversion is equally related to neurosis and psychopathy.

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Yes, the introvert is reclusive, quiet and a deep thinker. But we are more concerned with ideas, inventions, and our inner selves than about hurting you.Introverts (the other polar end of extroverts) find less reward around others, have higher levels of social anxiety, and are more inward thinking,” explains a 2014 study. Our preference for solitude may be mistaken for antisocial behavior making us seem like outcasts, but introverts recharge themselves by spending some alone time, not by socializing. There are different types of introverts, just like there are different types of people. And generalizing or stereotyping a personality type based on the behavior of a few individuals, is nothing but a biased mindset.

Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One
Can Introverts Be Evil? 8 Signs To Spot One

Are introverts misunderstood?

Being an introvert myself, I would say YES! Introverts comprise around 25 to 40 percent of the global population yet there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding them. Many people, especially the older generation, tend to believe that introverts are evil. Why? Because introverted people are quiet, don’t express themselves openly and hence, extroverts don’t know what an introvert is thinking. Instinctively, we, as human beings, are afraid of anything we don’t clearly understand. As a result, the secretive and mysterious nature of introverts gives rise to several scary myths that depict them as mass shooters, psychopaths and serial killers. The truth is, we DON’T want to kill you. We just want to GO HOME.

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It’s mind boggling how people can be scared of someone who doesn’t speak. Instead of trying to understand, people just want to eliminate what they don’t understand. And if they can’t remove it, they will judge it harshly, spread nasty rumors about it and be deathly afraid of it. Who do you think is more dangerous here? The silent introvert or the judgmental a-hole? Demonizing the introvert cannot heal your ignorance. It just shows your limited capacity to be empathetic and compassionate towards others. Introverts are not the spawn of the devil. They just enjoy doing solitary activities more than socializing.

Sadly, the media also plays an important role in this by showing killers and shooters as depressed and shy loners. But a loner is not necessarily an introvert. In fact, research shows that “Extroverts are most likely and Introverts are least likely to commit crimes in adult life.” Introversion is not the problem here. The real problem is judging and labeling individuals as weird and wicked based on their personality and preferences.

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