Tips For Teen Introverts: 6 Ways To Embrace Your Introversion

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Teenagers who are introverts can sometimes have a tough time realizing, acknowledging, and embracing their introversion. However, this is okay, and shouldn’t push you to be too hard on yourself.

Today’s teens can often feel overwhelmed and sometimes awkward. It’s no wonder since they are transitioning from childhood to adulthood under the microscope of parents, teachers, and schoolmates. Teens are under so much social pressure every day, trying to be popular, make friends, compare body image, and consider dating. It all can be too much, especially when combined with an apprehensive desire for independence.

So how do teens figure all this out? Often by talking to similarly frustrated friends or finding means of escape like alcohol or drugs. But these are not the answers, they only serve as distractions. If feelings of awkwardness are left unchecked, they can spiral into low self-esteem, loneliness, and depression.

So many swirling thoughts can be overwhelming, but often many things can boil down to one source. When I was around fifty, I researched my own memoir by scanning old journals and recalling moments from decades past. I found a common thread of anxiety and low self-confidence which I could now attribute to introversion.

You Might Be an Introvert If…

  • You enjoy friends in small doses, often 2-4 people for an hour or less.
  • Large groups for extended periods of time are exhausting.
  • You loathe being put on the spot, in group projects, roundtable discussions, or spontaneous debates.
  • You enjoy solo activities like reading, writing, art, or relaxation time.

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What Introversion Is/Is Not

Introversion is a personality type often compared to extroversion. Both lie on the same continuum and everyone resides often at several places on the continuum depending on specific situations. No two introverts are the same. Traditionally, extroversion has been held up as the societal norm reserved for gregarious, social, fast-thinkers.

Introverts, therefore, have been cast as the opposite – hermits, anti-socials, cold, and selfish. These definitions are antiquated and unfair. Introverts are often introspective and also caring individuals who enjoy social times within their close circle of friends.

The common bond amongst introverts is that they need some alone time to recharge, just as extroverts tend to reenergize with social time.

Another common misunderstanding is that shyness and introversion are synonymous. Introversion is a personality type derived from our DNA, it is part of our foundation. People learn to embrace their introversion and use their inherent strengths to find success and happiness.

Shyness is more of an anxiety disorder when contemplating social engagements or public speaking. Shyness can be mitigated with practice while introversion cannot be overcome, just managed. Oftentimes it is difficult to discern the difference as both shy and introverted people often suffer from low self-esteem and can withdraw as a safety precaution.

Tips For Teen Introverts: 6 Ways To Embrace Your Introversion

6 Ways To Embrace Your Introversion

1. Confide in someone you trust (parent, friend, teacher, counselor, clergy).

It helps to get the swirling thoughts out of your head and for others to help. You are not alone. Approximately 50% of the population are considered introverts!

2. Learn about introversion.

This will enable you to purge the social stigmas and realize introversion is a gift. Susan Cain’s Quiet is considered the quintessential reference for introverts. My memoir, In Search of Courage: An Introvert’s Story may also serve to help you realize you are not alone by hearing someone else’s struggles and personal journey. Or you can peruse my wide variety of blog hyperlinks in this article or more on the Beyond Introversion website.

3. Discover your strengths.

Introverts have many unique strengths which help build friendships, families, and businesses. Once you understand your strengths you can grow them and use them to succeed in even the most frustrating situations.

Take our free Introvert Superpower Quiz to get your personalized score and material to starting growing your natural strengths today.

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Steve Friedman is an ambitious introvert, championing the journey for introverts to become their best selves. He wasn’t always that way, but years of struggle, introspect, and practice has enabled him to triumph. He embraces his passion to guide others to learn about introversion and accelerate their own journey to reach their own dreams. After publishing his award-winning memoir, In Search of Courage, in 2020, Steve is excited to share The Corporate Introvert: How to Lead and Thrive with Confidence in the fall of 2021. He engages with introverts through his books, website blogs, quizzes, and other resources, as well as community engagement as a speaker and mentor.View Author posts