10 Myths About Introverts That Will Change The Way You See Them


Top Myths About Introverts That Are Far From The Truth

How would you feel if you were judged based on stereotypes of misconceptions? Here are top 10 myths about introverts that are far from the truth.

When talking about introverts, we tend to generalize them. Usually, they come across as socially awkward and uninteresting people.

But contrary to popular conception, what we know about them is only the tip of the iceberg. They are a reservoir of unimaginable talent and creativity. Let’s dive deep into their minds and bust the myths that have plagued them.

Popular Myths About Introverts
top 10 myths about introverts that are far from the truth

Here are top 10 myths about introverts that are far from the truth

Myth 1: They Are Arrogant


Most people judge introverts as arrogant. Since people find introverts unwilling to interact most of the time, they often assume them to be self-centred. But that is far from the truth.

It’s not that they are arrogant, but rather selective when it comes to socializing. It is characteristic of an introvert to carefully choose whom to interact with.

Their attitude might come across as nit-picky, but introverts are not comfortable in socializing with every single person. They have their inner circle with which people have to match in order to be close to an introvert.

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Myth 2: They Hate People In General

Introverts are not antisocial

People assume introverts to be hateful. They’re considered rude and often disdaining people who display the opposite traits of introversion. It is true that introverts are unable to get along with most people, but that does not mean they hate them.

Their attitude might seem a bit eccentric when compared with the rest of society, but it is the way things are for an introvert. The fact that they are not comfortable with everyone gets reflected in their body language.

Myth 3: Introverts Are Poor Leaders And Public Speakers

Introverts think things through many times

This is one of the most popular misconceptions regarding introverts. Leadership is often equated with sociability and people consider public speakers to be outspoken in real life.

But that’s not always true. While there are extroverted leaders, introverts make a large chunk of good leaders as well. In fact, there are instances, where an introvert delivers better public speaker than an extrovert.

This happens mainly because introverts have a huge reservoir of thoughts to share. And once they master the art of public speaking, there’s no stopping to it.

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Myth 4: Introverts Are Boring, Not Creative Enough

Being introverted is wild

Extroverts are indeed not boring. They crave social engagements and activities. As a result, they’re creative by nature. In contrast to introverts who prefer recluse and solitude are considered devoid of excitement and novelty.

But introverts can be as creative as their extrovert counterparts, if not more. Contrary to the popular belief, an introvert’s inner world is full of ideas and adventures. They might be selective when it comes to expressing them, but that in no way makes them less creative than extroverts.

Myth 5: They Have Weak Personalities

That moment when you hit the introvert wall

Introverts have different personalities. Whenever there has been an introvert leader, the world has changed. Under their leadership, the world becomes a better place. Introverts build upon their will power by giving time to themselves which extroverts tend to ignore.

In fact, introverts have equipped with stronger personalities than anyone else. An introvert’s will is strong enough to make the impossible happen. One can very well sideline the power of an introvert, but that does not change the truth.

Myth 6: They Lack A Strong Mindset

You Know Your Introverted

Introverts are considered to be mentally weak. People believe that they tend to run away from arguments. But that is partly true. Introverts can be highly opinionated.

Also, they can participate in heated debates. The topic has to be something they have in-depth knowledge of. So it clearly implies that it is not about the mindset, but more about what topic is being discussed in the debate.

Myth 7: They don’t like making friends

Who said introverts don't share anything
top 10 myths about introverts that are far from the truth

People generally believe that introverts are anti-social. That they are unwilling to make friends. But for introverts, the very concept of close relations is vastly different from the way extroverts perceive it.

It is not that they don’t want to make friends, rather they are cautious in their own way when looking out for friendship. A relation after all, is a matter of mutual trust, and it is very difficult to win the trust of an introvert. Also, introverts root for fewer friends than extroverts. They like keeping their inner circle small.

Myth 8: Introverts always want to be left alone

I am introverted

Introverts do prefer moments of recluse, but that does not mean they always want to be left alone. There are times, when an introvert feels to urge to share their inner thoughts and feelings with someone.

That someone has to be the right person, of course. Introverts are very careful when selecting the right person. That’s why you won’t find them socializing very often, as it takes a considerable amount of time to find the right one.

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Myth 9: They need fixing

Why does everyone force introverts to be talkative

There are people who consider introversion as a mental condition that is to be rectified. They couldn’t be more wrong. Introversion is not an ailment or disorder, but an orientation that has its own place in human psyche. As a social animal, man exhibits different personality traits.

Introversion is just one of them. It is absolutely normal to be introverted and go about your daily lives. It is nothing out of the ordinary, and certainly nothing to be looked down upon. Therefore, instead of trying to so-called “fix” the issue, we as fellow humans should nourish and encourage introverts to accept themselves and be content with who they really are.

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Myth 10: They frequently suffer from breakdowns

Myths About Introverts
misconceptions about introverts

It is a general consensus among many that introverts are prone to mental ailments like depression, anxiety, nervous breakdowns, etc. While loneliness rarely tend to take a toll on their mental health, they too are strong and assertive personalities that are willing to fight all adversaries.

Even if they have breakdowns, they have the mental strength to cope with it. But the knowledge that they are always infected by such ailments is merely a myth and has no connection to reality whatsoever.

Introverts are one of the strongest personalities on earth. Whether one accepts this or not, but being an introvert is a blessing, not a burden. Eminent people, including famous scientists and entrepreneurs, have been proud introverts throughout their lives. We should encourage them and get to know them better instead of formulating negative ideas about them.

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misconceptions about introverts

These were some of the misconceptions about introverts, what do you think? If you want to add more to this, share your thoughts in the comments below!

Myths About Introverts
Top 10 Myths About Introverts That Are Far From Truth
10 Popular Myths About Introverts That Are Far From Truth Pin
Top Ten Myths About Introverts
top ten myths about introverts

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    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! I just stumbled upon it while searching for introvert pins on Pinterest and was curious to see what those reasons are. I recognize myself in each and everyone of them (and was happy to be able to read this without needing to talk to someone, just camping out here in my home ;-)) Thank you for your mindful explanation.

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