6 Feelings That Sociopaths and Narcissists Leave Behind

Feelings Sociopaths Narcissists Leave Behind

You begin to overthink even where it’s not necessary. What if they’re right? No, they’re crazy! But maybe you are too? No, it’s definitely them!

You start over-analyzing and questioning everything that you say and do, and even when you know that you have done no wrong, you don’t believe yourself and believe what the sociopath or the narcissist has told you. All of this is externally focused, and your real, internal wound remains unresolved.

Your self-doubt keeps you in an unending and endless self-analyzing loop, which lies to you constantly so that you never commit the same ‘mistake’ again, and in the process, also stops you from being your authentic self.

5. Worthlessness

Narcissists and sociopaths know just how to flatter you and lure you in during the idealization stage, cleverly manipulating you in basing your self-worth on their ‘kind’ words. Once you’re hooked, they begin to inflate your deepest insecurities and belittle your greatest strengths. By the end of the relationship, you’ll be thinking they’re the only person who could ever love you the way they did. And that’s the point.

When you experience feelings of worthlessness, you take whatever little good is given to you. Many victims or survivors end up going out of their way to prove their value, and self-worth, become obsessed with perfectionism and only focus on transforming themselves into how the sociopath wants them to be.

Never forget that malevolent people like them find satisfaction by preying on their victims’ weaknesses. The more worthless you feel, the more satisfied they are.

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6. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is probably one of the worst feelings sociopaths and narcissists leave behind in their victims. PTSD happens when your body refuses to let go of your painful past.

Most of the time, psychological damage and internal conflicts end up manifesting as other symptoms like knots in the stomach, numbness, aching, tightness, and emptiness. These physical sensations are blocking you from experiencing intolerable feelings of rejection, inadequacy, and shame. Fundamentally, it’s an inner belief of feeling stuck in the body that makes you feel separate from unconditional love.

The fact remains that you are loved by all the right people, just as you are, and at this moment. It’s just that all these emotional and physical feelings block you from recognizing and accepting that genuine love, and without proper love, you will always feel lost.

And this is the main issue when you love toxic people like narcissists and sociopaths – they bring out all of the love-blocking emotions, and you fail to understand what is happening inside you.

Survivors of narcissistic and sociopathic abuse find it hard to get out of the pain they have experienced, which is why they keep on focusing on them. If you are one of them, know that you need to move on, and close the door to your past for good. The more you give in to these negative feelings, the more power you will keep on giving them. These feelings might always be a part of you, but they do not have to control you. Trust yourself, and love yourself enough to know that what they did has got nothing to do with you. There is still a lot of light inside you.

6 Feelings That Sociopaths and Narcissists Leave Behind
Feelings Sociopaths Narcissists Leave Behind Pin

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