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18 Reminders After A Relationship Ends and You Are Hurting

Reminders After Relationship Ends and Hurting

The end of a relationship is always hard to accept, even if you had seen it coming. Breakups hurt a lot, and there is nothing you can do about it, other than face it, go through the pain and finally move on. When you go through something like this, there are a few important reminders you should keep in mind when your relationship ends, and you are still hurting.

When your relationship ends, these reminders will help you stay strong and on the right path to healing. Even though you will not stop hurting overnight, they will help you see everything for what it truly is.

Here Are 18 Reminders After A Relationship Ends and You Are Hurting

1. There’s someone better for you.

I know you don’t want to hear it or believe it. But the person that’s better for you is one who isn’t going to make the mistake of hurting you and leaving.

2. It probably ended before, “it’s over.”

Sometimes breakups blind you. But in my experience most the time we see it coming; we just choose to believe something different.

3. You deserve better.

When someone leaves or ends the relationship for some reason our brains are wired to suddenly build them up even more like we were the ones who lost something. But in reality, they broke the heart of someone who would never do the same.

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4. Pain means you at least tried something.

I know you hate how much it hurts right now but the risk is always worth it. To say you truly loved someone, a lot of people settle and don’t find that. Value what you did have even if you don’t have it anymore.

5. Don’t let this pain dictate your future relationships.

I know how hard it is to even consider trusting and opening up to someone. But know not everyone is going to hurt you. If you go into relationships expecting the worst that’s when it plays out. As much as you might be hurting don’t allow this heartbreak to expect the worst of people and push good ones away.

6. Change for you. Not them.

After a breakup, we always want to change. We always want to improve. We always want to make that person regret what they’ve done. Get yourself to a point both mentally, emotionally, and physically where you are so far past them, even if they came back you wouldn’t want them.

7. Delete them on social media.

I know that’s a big step to take and you’ll tell me, “we ended on good terms,” or “that’s dramatic,” but if you are checking their profile every time you log in. If you are looking at pictures of each other and mourning the past you are prolonging healing and continuing to pour salt on an open wound. And let me tell you what hurts more than anything, isn’t pushing unfriend or unfollow but logging in and seeing they did it first.

8. Rock bottom is an awesome place to build from.

When you’ve fallen to your knees crying and you can’t sleep. When everything seems to be going wrong in your life. When you don’t know where you can even muster the strength to get through another day, that’s when you discover how strong you are and where you want to go from there.

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9. You will love again.

You don’t think you will ever love someone again the way you did them. And the truth is you won’t. Every person and every relationship is different. If you love someone the same way then you haven’t learned. But the next person you love, you’ll learn to love even better.

10. Even if you were dumped there’s something you can learn.

Don’t just look at it like that person is the most awful human you know. For a relationship to work, it takes both people doing something right and when it ends it’s both people doing something wrong. Recognize the mistakes you might have made and things you could improve on and work to better yourself for the next relationship.

11. Understand that pain is love.

Before you lose your shit and say hurtful things to them out of anger, understand that while you might appear angry all anger is is masked pain disguising itself as something else.

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