6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

People freely interchange the words soulmate and spouse. A soulmate is supposed to be the person with whom you fall in love at first sight, marry and have children and then spend the rest of your life happily ever after together. But the soulmate is not the name you have to give to your partner in life. The concept of the soulmate goes much deeper than that.

6 Things That Happen When You Have To Let Go Of Your Soulmate

Anyone who has been in a true soulmate relationship would know that there is a difference.

There is no way that you can explain exactly what it is that you feel in the presence of your soulmate. And that feeling, though inexplicable in words, is hard to miss when it is happening to you. Being with your soulmate is not simply about the mad rush of love and infatuation. You feel a connection that goes deeper than the endorphin-induced happy high that love and attraction give you. When you meet your soulmate, you know you’ve found a person with whom you connect at other than the physical level. You feel a connection that is intellectual, spiritual and even emotional.

The intensity of such a relationship is much higher than anything else experienced till then.

You know they have your heart and they do so irrevocably. When you meet them for the first time, they don’t even feel like a stranger, they seem like a part of you which you always had and just momentarily forgot about. And they feel like they are the living embodiment of the familiarity of home. This is because they are your soulmate and your soul has known them through many lifetimes.

But sometimes, it seems that this lifetime is just not the one where you two can be together.

At first, you are reluctant and angry and will aggressively try to save the relationship. You’ll do everything that makes you feel like you can make things work out. But the realization that you need to let go, for your own good and theirs will come eventually. And then you’ll realize this is the necessary thing to do so as to not invite even more toxicity in your life. Although it can be extremely traumatizing to let them go, life does go on. And this is how you deal with it-

1)  Love will never be the same again –

It is not like you will be incapable of falling in love ever again. If you’re lucky enough you will also find someone with whom you would happily spend the rest of your life with. And it will not be a compromise, you will be happy with the life you’ve got. But you won’t be content. You’ll always feel like there is a certain something that is missing in your life and you just can’t put a finger on it. How you experience love will forever be altered after you’ve been with your soulmate!

2)  You’ll always carry the memories with you –

However hard you try and whatever you do to mask those memories, you will never be able to let go of them completely. They will catch you unawares when you are not even thinking of them. And when you are sad or a little depressed they will come in truckloads. You will feel like you have no control over the movie that is playing inside the screen in your head. Good or bad, of happy careless times or the more stressed ones towards the end; all those memories will be alive as long as you are.

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