Severing Cords with your Soulmate

Severing Cords with your Soulmate

Soulmates are meant to be with you for life. But sometimes severing cords with your soulmate might be the only option left for you. Not every soulmate relationship is meant to last, and you might not realize it at times, but it will be for your own good in the long run. You just need to have faith in yourself and the Universe.

It is only when you are with your own “one-and-only” love that you realize the true meaning of this often overused and abused four-letter term. They make you realize the gravitas of being someone’s soulmate and vice versa.  

Initially, thanks to the immediate connection that ignites passions we see the shared vulnerable nakedness of each other; that is our souls and things that we never shared come tumbling out. And because we feel loved, we see good in the universe too, an extension.

This very connection helps us reach energy levels quite beyond our reach normally.

This energy is what slowly makes them a part of you and your existence in general.

This deep and profound connection happens at a spiritual level and you will see how you’ll feel things for one another that cannot be put into words ever.

Seems perfect? It actually is. At least at one point in time.

Why would one want to sever the connection, then?

That’s our next point in concern.

Well, like everything in life, most things often come with a limited lifespan. More often than not, when people grow in their spiritually designated trajectory, they do it apart from one another.

This stripping of a seemingly inseparable part of you might seem heart-wrenching and it is, no use sugar-coating it, but it will help you grow. It will open your eyes to a spirituality that is never visible till a huge chunk of you is hollowed out.

The thing to remember is, though physically separated, your souls are forever one. The task of growing is still something you both share. And because of this connection, you will still feel the other’s pain.

Though our intentions behind suggesting separation are good that is not wanting to hurt our partners, soulmates, or spouses, we end up damaging our own selves. After a while, we realize we no longer recognize ourselves.

We can occupy our mind and heart with work, things, other relationships – even good, loving ones, but within the deepest part of our soul, we know that which is missing.

And after a while, realization dawns that what we were running away from was not them, but our own Self.

The separation is just as painful as people tell you; even more, in all probability. You will be preoccupied with the other’s face and smallest details.

Often the pain of the separation and the many obstacles to the union is so unbearable that we want a way out of this new “reality”. Initially, we pray that it will just go away in time and we can get back to “normal”.

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We numb our feelings in self-preservation.

The force that joins your souls together is however unbreakable. You can weaken it, yes, but breaking them is impossible.

Your final union may be delayed, but never indefinitely.

Quoting St Mark’s gospel, “What God has joined together, let man not put asunder.”

The rubber band may stretch but it will always pull back.

Now coming to the most important aspect of this entire thing.

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