12 Things Your Soulmate Wants You To Know Before You Meet

Things Soulmate Wants You Know Before You Meet

When you’re waiting for your soulmate to finally show up, it can feel like you’re living in limbo. Either you’re in a dating desert or all the guys you meet are complete and total duds. “Where is he already?” is your daily mantra. If only you knew how to find your soulmate and hurry things up!

“Stay positive!”

“Just have fun!”

“He’s just around the corner!”

All your friends and family are saying the same thing. But, it’s hard to stay positive when you just got ghosted for the umpteenth time by a guy you were already on the fence about. How in the world can you stay positive when, clearly, the universe is on a mission to keep you and your soulmate apart?

Knowing that your kindred spirit is out there and that you two will be together is the first step in getting closer to actually being together.

To help you stay positive, excited, and hopeful for your soulmate’s arrival in the meantime, there are some things he wants you to know now.

Here are 12 things your soulmate wants you to know when you finally meet him.

1. “To me, you are perfect just as you are.”

Your soulmate wants you to know that you are worthy to be loved. You are worthy of my love. You are good enough for me. You are incredibly beautiful to me, makeup or no makeup. Filters or no filters.

I absolutely love your body. I adore your imperfections. I am the luckiest man alive because I get to spend my life with you.

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2. “I want to be in a partnership with you.”

I want us to work together as a team. I want our relationship to be healthy.

I want us to feel safe to talk to each other about anything: our fears, joys, and concerns. I want us to work together to nurture our relationship. Date nights, love trips, and quality time binge-watching our favourite shows are must-dos.

3. “I can’t wait to spend my life with you.”

I want to be with you. I love spending time with you.

You’re all I think about. You bring out the best in me. Life is sweeter with you in it.

4. “Do whatever it takes to let go of your past.”

Your soulmate wants you to know that you must heal yourself of any unresolved relationship issues or other issues. It could be with an ex, your parents, a friend, a traumatic situation, addiction, or anything else that you still haven’t let go of.

Let go of any old judgments, fears, expectations, or misunderstanding. Have your heart be open and free to love me completely.

5. “Do whatever it takes to love yourself, completely.”

You won’t really know how to love me if you don’t know how to love yourself. And, I want you to love from the overflow, not deplete yourself to be with me.

Our relationship will be more connected on each level: physical, sexual, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Make sure that each of those levels is ready to receive the intimate connections that will be created between us as soulmates and twin flames. Know that you are amazing.

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6. “Trust that everything happens for a reason and timing is everything.”

Though I may not be with you yet, I promise that I am on my way to you.

Be patient. Know that I am coming and that I cannot wait for us to be together. And every relationship that isn’t with me is to support you in getting ready for me.

7. “Become the best version of yourself now.”

Don’t wait until I show up because that’s the version of you that I will recognize. That’s the version of you that will attract me into your life.

Having an attitude of gratitude and being someone who is hopeful and positive will be powerful attractants to me.

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