4 Techniques To Find Your Soulmate Using The Law Of Attraction

Techniques Find Soulmate Law Of Attraction

Something as important as finding your true soulmate shouldn’t be left in the hands of destiny. By working on yourself and your dating life in the right manner, you can magnify your chances of finding your ideal romantic partner. Here, I will share some handy strategies based on the Law of Attraction that can help you find your true soulmate. 

What does the Law of Attraction say?

In simple words, the Law of Attraction states that whatever we are focusing our thoughts on, we are able to attract that into our lives. The Law of Attraction is a powerful governing force of the universe that harnesses the power of our mind to translate thoughts into reality. 

The direct consequence of this is that what we think determines the kind of energy we attract. If we are focusing on negative things all the time, our lives will be gloomy and joyless. On the other hand, if we focus on our goals with a positive mindset, nothing can stop us from achieving our dreams.

How to find your soulmate using the Law of Attraction?

When it comes to our love lives, actions backed by positive thinking can increase our likelihood of finding “the one”.

Here are 4 simple techniques to find your soulmate using the Law of Attraction:

Step 1 – Concentrate on what you really want.

Oftentimes, we think too much about all the things we don’t want in a partner. But that isn’t always the right thought-process when it comes to romantic relationships.

First and foremost, you should think deeply about the kind of life you wish to create– picturise it. Connect with your soul’s desires, your true passions and dreams. Face these truths about yourself with courage, have no inhibitions or shame. This way, you subconsciously become more open to receiving love.

Then consider having a relationship– focus on all the things you want out of it, instead of thinking about what not to look for in your partner.

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Step 2 – Define your aspirations clearly.

Remember, your dreams are yours alone– never base your desires on other people’s approval.

The first step of realizing your dreams is defining them clearly. 

If something is truly your heartfelt desire, it will definitely bring out the fire within you. When you work towards your goals with passion, you send out positive vibrations. With the Law of Attraction, which operates by reflecting back what you put out to the world, the universe responds positively to your dreams.

Step 3 – Create a list for your “perfect relationship”.

You can trigger the Law of Attraction to work in your love life by chalking out a list for your perfect relationship.

This list should contain all your dreams, desires, what you want to do and achieve in each area of your life, in the context of your romantic relationship.

Follow these steps to create your perfect relationship list:

1. Make a T-Chart for your Perfect Relationship.

An effective way to create an ideal relationship list is with the help of a T-chart. A T-chart helps identify all the things you genuinely want in your love life, by first, listing down the things that you don’t want in a potential soulmate.

  • Draw a vertical line along the middle of a sheet of paper. 
  • Label the left column as “What I don’t want”.
  • Label the right column as “What I wish to have”.

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When you are focusing on the topic “perfect relationship”, fist write down all the things you don’t want in a partner in the left column. Next, turn the things you wrote in the left column into opposite and positive statements, and fill the right column.

2 – Strikethrough the “Don’t Want” List.

Once you complete making the T-chart, cross off the left column containing the points about “what I don’t want ”.

Let’s take an example to understand this better. Suppose, you don’t want to date a person who smokes. First, put this down in the left column. In the right column, write the opposite of this, which is a person with a healthy lifestyle. If you want something more specific, like an active person who enjoys outdoor activities, mention that in the right column.

Once you complete the T-chart, strikethrough the left column. From now on, you will only focus on the things you want in life, and for this particular list, the things you want in your soulmate. 

Henceforth, there is no need to think about what you don’t want. However, the simple act of striking through all that you don’t want will make you feel more empowered.

Step 4 – Realizing what you are truly looking for in your soulmate

Completing the T-chart activity will not only help you start off the Law of Attraction in your love life but also help you understand what you really want in your soulmate.

Keep in mind to stay focused on the qualities you want in your soulmate, rather than all the things you don’t want in a partner. Once you start to follow the list, you will release positive vibrations into the universe, and by the Law of Attraction, your dream person will be turned into your soulmate for real.

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Concluding Note:

Thoughts eventually turn into actions. Think positively and positive things will happen to you- it is as simple as that. Our thoughts and emotions are like magnets; the kind of energy we send out is reflected back into our lives. So try to match your mental state with what you will experience once you achieve the things you are focused on. Be grateful for what you have, and find ways to attract more things to feel grateful for.

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Let me know in the comment section below if making the dream list using the T-chart worked for you.

4 Simple Ways To Find Your True Soulmate Using The Law Of Attraction
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