How To Recognize A Soul Mate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Mate

How To Recognize Your Soul Mate 10 Elements Of A Soul Mate

We all have heard a lot about soul mates and their deep-seated soul connections. But the question is how to find your soul mate when there are 7 billion people out there on Earth? How to ensure this is the one for you?

As the renowned intuitive psychologist, Dr. Carmen Harra said, “Your soul mate makes you feel entirely intact like no piece is missing from the puzzle. A life partner, on the other hand, can be a great supporter and long-time companion, but is limited in his or her capacity to enrich your spirit.”

Those who have encountered soul mates or soul connections are lucky ones. Most of them settle for mature life-partner driven by fear of being alone and various other reasons.

We make different types of relationships, some are karmic, some are transitory, some are compromising relationships, and many more. Soul mate relationship is different from all other types of relationships. It also differs from the relationship you have with a life partner.

While portraying the positive side of the soul mate, the American writer Richard Bach said, “A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks.”

The relationship with a soul mate is not just about survival, feeling secured or simple companionship. There are people who find this whole concept absurd and too good to be true. They don’t want to waste time waiting for a soul mate. Hardly do they know that there is a very special bond between soul mates.

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If you are blessed to meet your soul mate or if you want it wholeheartedly, then all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. You will meet the person without extra effort, it will happen unanticipated and unexpected.

How To Recognize A Soul Mate: 10 Elements Of A Soul Mate

The soul connection

In the presence of your soul mate, you will feel amazing and electric. You will feel magnetically drawn to him. A connection which no words can encompass. It’s a special affinity and a powerful bond between two different individuals. You can sense that supreme energy is guiding you and catch up with that vibration even if they are a thousand miles away.

The soul mate seems to be the one whom you have known many lifetimes, and have had many karmic contracts with. He or she may be like a spiritual gift to you. You will feel complete, entirely healed, and happy despite all negative episodes. They will light the spark in you, help you reach your highest potential, chase dreams,  remind you to be alive, vibrant, and hopeful.

Marriage partners may or may not be soul mates, though they will be a soul contract. With true soul mates, there is no struggle. What’s leftover is love – Karen M. Black

You cannot find a soul mate by searching or praying for them earnestly. A soul mate needs to be recognized. For that, you need a lot of self-awareness, self-love, and self-compassion. And then when, and if, they do come along, you are ready to sizzle.

Are you married and wondering whether your life partner is your soul mate? Or searching for your soul mate thinking how to recognize the person? Well, there are some elements that outline a soul mate bond.

Here are 10 elements of a soul mate according to Dr. Carmen Harra 

1. It’s something you feel inside.

There are no words to describe how your soul mate makes you feel. It’s a powerful, intense, and lingering emotion that comes from within.

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2. Sense of déjà vu.

Other than love, at first sight, you may feel that you have met this person before and that you have known him all along. It clearly means he was present in your past lives. And this is the telltale sign of a soul mate connection.

Watch out this video to know about signs of true soul mate:

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