Beyond Heartbreak: The Silver Linings Of Breaking Up With Your Soulmate


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Breaking Up With Your Soulmate: Invaluable Lessons Learned

Breaking up with your soulmate may seem like the apocalypse, but hold on tight, it may hurt like hell to say goodbye but instead of getting lost in the gloom and doom, there are valuable lessons to learn from the experience of letting go of a soulmate.

When I was young, my mother once told me that love is an inevitable force. I grew up believing her – even when I didn’t want to. As I fell in and out of love and lost myself in the process of loving someone else, I realized how “inevitable” love can be.

Love is a rollercoaster ride that we all crave to stay on forever. But let’s face it, life doesn’t always give us a fairytale ending. Sometimes, the love of our life can slip away from us in the most unexpected and heart-wrenching way.

We’ve all been there, crushing on our “twin flame” who ends up being the one that got away. And let’s be real, it hurts like hell. But here’s the kicker: finding your soulmate doesn’t guarantee a happily ever after.

When we think we’ve found “the one”, our world stops spinning. We’re consumed by the butterflies in our stomach, and everything else fades away. But when it ends, it’s like a bomb went off, leaving us in utter chaos.

Yet, even in the midst of a devastating heartbreak, there are precious life lessons to be learned. We may not have ended up with forever, but we can take away something invaluable from the experience.

So, embrace the highs and the lows of love, and let each heartbreak be a stepping stone towards a brighter future. Because at the end of the day, even the most painful breakups can lead us to something even more beautiful.

This is what you might learn when your soulmate becomes somebody you used to know.

14 Invaluable Lessons Learned From Breaking Up With Your Soulmate

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1. You understand that nothing really lasts forever.

Life is a beautiful yet ever-changing journey, full of surprises and uncertainties. One of the universal truths that you must come to terms with is that nothing lasts forever. You may try your hardest to hold onto certain things, but some things are simply not meant to be.

If something is meant to be, the universe will conspire to make it happen. But if it’s not working, there’s no use in forcing yourself to suffer through it.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the signals and when you break up with your soulmate, you will come to a profound understanding that forever is merely an illusion.

It’s a cruel and malicious lie that you tell yourself. But through acceptance, you can find peace and understanding, knowing that every moment you have is precious and fleeting.

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2. It stops being about them.

They say nothing lasts forever. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s one we all have to face at some point in our lives. Whether you break up with your soulmate or lose someone you love or experience a change in circumstances, nothing stays the same forever.

When your soulmate becomes an ex, it can be a painful and overwhelming experience. But as time goes on, you begin to realize that the pain isn’t just about them – it’s about you too.

soulmate breakup teaches you a lot
When your soulmate becomes somebody you used to know

It’s easy to get lost in a relationship and forget to prioritize yourself, but when it’s over, you have a chance to focus on yourself and rediscover who you truly are.

After the grieving phase, you start to put yourself first and take care of your own needs. You invest your time in self-reflection, grooming, and learning new activities.

You use this opportunity to grow and discover yourself on a deeper level. So, take this time to focus on yourself and make the most of the journey.

3. You lose a part of your heart, but you add a bigger part to your soul.

You might be feeling all sorts of resentment and anger towards the person who left you feeling so vulnerable. But let me tell you, once you start accepting what happened and the wounds begin to heal, you’ll find yourself thanking them for hurting you so badly.

Why, you ask? Well, because that pain will be the catalyst for your personal growth and evolution. It’s only through suffering that we can truly awaken our consciousness and find our inner strength.

So embrace the pain, my friend, and let it guide you towards a better, stronger version of yourself. You’ll soon realize that what initially felt like a gaping hole and an unbearable loss, was actually a blessing in disguise.

So take a deep breath, hold your head up high, and keep moving forward with gratitude in your heart. The best version of yourself is waiting on the other side.

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4. It teaches you that almost every relationship is temporary and comes with an expiry date.

Life has a way of teaching us the harshest truths, and one of the toughest pills to swallow is the fact that we belong to none and none belong to us. It’s a harsh reality, but it’s one that we all need to come to terms with.

Losing someone we love is a painful experience, but it’s also one of the most eye-opening. It teaches us that nothing lasts forever, and all relationships are temporary. Whether it’s a romantic partner, a friend, or a family member, at some point, we will have to say goodbye.

While this lesson may sound grim, it’s actually crucial for our growth and development. Accepting that all relationships are temporary allows us to keep our expectations in check and appreciate the time we have with others. We learn to cherish the moments we share, even if they are fleeting.

So, let life teach you this valuable lesson – that nothing lasts forever, and we belong to none and none belong to us.

5. You stop settling for anything ordinary.

Once you’ve finally kicked that toxic relationship to the curb, you start to realize that you deserve nothing less than the best. You stop settling for subpar career options or lackluster relationships, and start raising your standards to new heights.

Sure, the journey to self-discovery can be tough, but it’s worth it when you finally find yourself feeling confident, empowered, and ready to take on the world. So, don’t let a toxic relationship bring you down – let it be the catalyst that propels you forward towards the life you truly deserve!

6. You realize that there is no such thing as “The One”.

Think about it: with billions of people on this planet, the odds of finding one person who perfectly complements us in every way are pretty slim. And even if we do find someone who seems like a perfect match, life has a funny way of throwing curveballs that can change everything.

So, what’s the point of all this? It’s that we shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket when it comes to love. Instead, we should focus on building connections with the people who come into our lives, and enjoy the moments we have together. And if a relationship doesn’t work out, it’s not the end of the world.

So, forget about the idea of “the one” and embrace the beautiful messiness of love. Because even if your ex said they loved you, that love might not have been forever. But the lessons you learned along the way? Those are priceless.

7. You start enjoying everything that the world has to offer.

After a heartbreak, you might feel like the universe is against you, but guess what? You’re stronger than you think!

That’s right – you become a total boss at handling uncertainty. You’re more resilient and equipped with some killer survival techniques to face anything life throws at you. And, here’s the best part – you start looking for positivity in the little things in life.

Suddenly, that morning cup of coffee tastes better, that walk in the park feels more refreshing, and even a cheesy rom-com can put a smile on your face. You actively seek out happiness and make the most of every moment.

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8. You understand that there are a few roads that are not meant to be traveled again.

One of the most crucial nuggets of wisdom we can glean from heartbreak is that some paths in life are best avoided – especially those that lead to pain and destruction.

Let’s face it: we all have those moments where we make decisions that ultimately lead to heartbreak and regret. Maybe we ignore red flags in a relationship or prioritize our own desires over the well-being of others.

Whatever the case may be, these paths can leave us feeling lost and broken. But the good news is that we can learn from these mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

9. No matter how angry or sad you feel, you don’t stop believing in love.

Ah, the post-heartbreak vow – we’ve all been there. You swear off love like it’s the plague, promising yourself that it’s just not your thing. But then, something magical happens.

A few weeks pass, and you catch yourself smiling at love quotes and daydreaming about your dream partner. You realize that love is the ultimate drug – the one we all keep going back to, again and again.

Despite the heartaches and the headaches, we can’t help but crave the rush that love brings. It’s like a rollercoaster ride, full of twists and turns, highs and lows, that we can’t get enough of.

And even when it comes to a screeching halt, leaving us dazed and confused, we still long for that next ride. After all, love is the drug we just can’t resist – and who would want to?

10. You start picking your battles wisely.

Life is a battlefield, and we all have our fair share of fights to face. But here’s the thing, my friend: not every battle is worth fighting.

Sure, it’s tempting to dive headfirst into every challenge that comes our way, but sometimes the best move is to step back and assess the situation. Is this a battle we really want or need to fight? Or are we better off conserving our energy for the battles that truly matter?

what breaking up with your soulmate feels like
Soulmate becoming ex

11. Yes, you do love again.

Just because you’ve had a bad experience in love doesn’t mean you should give up on it altogether! Love has incredible healing powers, and it’s worth taking the chance to experience it again.

Of course, caution is key. You don’t want to dive into a new relationship blindly and repeat past mistakes. But being cautious doesn’t mean you have to be cynical or pessimistic.

Instead, approach your next relationship with a sense of awareness and mindfulness. Pay attention to the little details and take things slowly.

12. Gradually, you realize that you are going to be whole again.

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a mess, and no one can save you except yourself? Well, that’s because it’s the harsh reality. But don’t lose hope just yet! With a little motivation and determination, you can slowly heal yourself and become whole again.

Sure, it’s a process that takes time and patience, but remember: good things come to those who wait. So keep pushing forward and don’t give up, even when it feels like the road ahead is long and difficult.

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13. With every passing day, you learn that life goes on and that there is a deeper calling for you.

Love, relationships, belonging, battles, separation, and pain – these are all part of the human experience. But let’s be real, life on this earth is so much more than just wallowing in heartbreak!

It’s easy to get caught up in our own personal dramas, but let’s not forget that we have the power to create a ripple effect that can impact the lives of others in a meaningful way.

By focusing on the bigger picture and committing to being agents of change, we can contribute to the collective well-being of society and create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

14. You make peace with yourself, knowing that love might be an inevitable force, but it definitely is not the strongest one.

Life is a journey, and the ultimate destination is reaching transcendence and making peace with ourselves. Along the way, we’ll experience heartbreaks, but they teach us that love isn’t the be-all and end-all of existence. It’s time to embrace the power within us and unleash our creativity.

Let your anguish and grief be your paintbrush and create a masterpiece of your life. It’s time to turn your pain into purpose and make a statement to the world. Let your art speak for itself and inspire those around you.

Remember, life is about the journey and the lessons we learn along the way. So, buckle up and ride the storm. It’s time to transform yourself and let your light shine.

A story has no beginning or end: arbitrarily one chooses that moment of experience from which to look back or from which to look ahead.

― Graham Greene, The End of the Affair

If you want to know more about what happens when you break you break up with your soulmate, then check this video out below:

Letting go of a soulmate

14 Important Life Lessons You Learn When Your Soulmate Becomes Another Ex
Breaking Up With Your Soulmate: 14 Lessons Learned From A Soulmate Breakup
Lessons Learn When Soulmate Becomes Another Ex Pin
Breaking Up With Your Soulmate: 14 Lessons Learned From Letting Go Of A Soulmate
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