5 Things To Remember After A Breakup

“No matter how hard your heart is broken, the world doesn’t stop for your grief.”
— Faraaz Kazi

Whoever named the separation of two lovers as breakup was quite brilliant with words. Breakups indeed break a person. There are no scars or any physical sign of pain and hurt they are going through but anyone who has walked this path knows how your legs throb when you step on the broken pieces of your heart.

Breakups are followed by a mental breakdown, resentment, anger and many other emotions which worsen the condition. No matter how excruciating the moments get, always remember that it is not the end and you are still great.
In those hard times, you need to hold yourself and your emotions together and there are few things you need to remember after your breakup, 

The pain is real

Many researchers have concluded that the pain we suffer from a breakup is real i.e our brain and body function in the same way as it would to physical pain. There is no unit to measure the pain when we go through a breakup but if there was I am sure it would surpass the pain from broken bones.
The hurt you feel is not imaginary. The desolation you’re lost in is like the missing flesh from your body after an accident.
Like any other pain, the pain from a break up needs time to heal too. Your heart and your mind need time to heal. Trying to numb down the pain by using alcohol or drugs just worsens the conditions. Time is the best healer and we should let it do its work. You cannot rush, try to slow or rush it is never in your interest.


You are worthy

Often after a breakup, we start questioning our existence and worth ‘what did I do?’ ‘Was I not good enough?’ ‘Where did I go wrong?’
Remember you’re worth more than a failed relationship. It’s necessarily your fault or you were not worthy. Bad things happen, personalities clash, misunderstandings arises and many times you cannot help it. Maybe things were supposed to go this way. Nothing in this world is permanent and this sound harsh but feelings do fade away.
Focus on the good. Instead of belittling yourself and questioning your existence try to gather the lessons from the relationship, ask yourself what you learned from that person. Take the lessons as they will help you grow.

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