The 10 Types of Empath: Which one are you?

The 10 Types of Empath: Which one are you?

Empowered by sensitivity?  It sounds strange, doesn’t it?  Sort of ironic, contradictive, even mutually exclusive.

How can you be empowered by something so soft, subtle and delicate, in a world full of hard, overpowering and loud people?  Indeed, many of us Empaths get trampled, used, thrown around, and taken advantage of.  But we have a secret.

Deep down inside, beyond the veil of our superficial appearances, we harbor something quiet, but powerful.  Our gifts don’t dominate, tyrannize or overthrow people, but that doesn’t detract from their strength or usefulness.  If anything, our powerful but subtle gifts benefit us more in the long term, allowing us to gather emotional, psychological and physical information from our surroundings that are often inaccessible and undisclosed to the average, unreceptive mind.

While we can’t bully, back-stab or use brute force, we can heal, guide, protect and deeply understand the lives of the people around us.  In essence, we can gather immense amounts of knowledge.  And knowledge, as they say, is power.

If you would like to discover whether you are an Empath, keep reading.  Also, if you would like to discover what type of Empath you are, you will discover the 10 types at the end of this article.

Are You An Empath?

If you are an Empath, you will experience a combination of some or all of the following symptoms:

  • You absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge, carrying them as your own.
  • When someone close to you is physically ill, you can feel this as physical pain in your body.
  • You often suffer from physical or mental fatigue and tiredness.
  • You find Solitude immensely refreshing, and you require it to “recharge”.
  • You often experience many mood swings or emotional states throughout the day.
  • Witnessing violence or cruelty is unbearable to you.
  • You are a very good listener.
  • People often come to you with their problems.
  • Animals and children are attracted to you.
  • You are caring and nurturing by nature.
  • You are hyper-aware of the physical environment, e.g. to smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing, etc.
  • You can’t stand interpersonal conflict.
  • Crowded places are very overwhelming and draining to you.

10 Types Of Empath

While being an Empath can have many positives and benefits, it can also weigh us down heavily with confusion, disorientation, and anxiety.  That is why it’s important to put a name to what we individually experience to better understand ourselves, and identify others who share the same abilities as us.

For this reason, I have included below a list, and a small description, of each type of Empath.  By understanding who you are, what gifts you possess and where you stand in life, you will be able to begin the path of Involution.

The 10 Types of Empath: Which one are you?

1. Claircognizant Empath

This is usually defined by the ability to simply know something needs to be done, or is true or misleading, without having any basis in logic or reason.  Often this type of Empath will just “know” when something is right to do, or not, or when someone is lying or hiding something.

2. Emotionally Receptive Empath

Most Empaths are emotionally receptive, and can physically and emotionally feel the emotions from other people before they are even expressed.

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3. Physically Receptive Empath

Many Empaths are also physically receptive to other people’s illnesses and bodily pains.  This often manifests itself in the Empath’s own body and can be an especially useful skill in healing.

4. Fauna Empath

This type of Empath can hear, feel and interact with animals.

5. Flora Empath

This type of Empath can communicate with plants, being able to receive physical and emotional signals.

6. Geomantic Empath

The Geomantic Empath can read the energy and signals transmitted by the earth.  Many are able to feel/predict natural disasters before they occur.

7. Medium Empath

This type of Empath can either see, hear, feel (or a combination of these elements) spirits, usually from deceased individuals.

8. Psychometric Empath

This manifests itself as the ability to receive information, energy, and impressions from physical objects, e.g. photographs, clothing, jewelry, utensils, etc.

9. Precognitive Empath

This type of Empath can feel the occurrence of an event or situation before it actually happens.  This is usually manifested in dreams, or as physical/emotional sensations, for instance: dread, anxiety, or excitement.

10. Telepathic Empath

The ability to accurately read a person’s unexpressed thoughts is the main defining feature of the Telepathic Empath.

Being an Empath can be difficult and confusing, but with an awareness of your gifts and abilities, you can refine them and use them to guide, heal, and protect yourself and the people you love.

My hopes are that the information within this article can continue to make ripples within your life.  Please share with me any stories or experiences you have below.  This will help all of us broaden our knowledge and understanding of what it is to be an Empath!

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Written by Aletheia Luna
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The 10 Types of Empath
The 10 Types of Empath: Which one are you?

14 thoughts on “The 10 Types of Empath: Which one are you?”

  1. Avatar of Catalina

    What if you can connect with all these descriptions minus a couple?
    What’s the name for those empaths?
    What about empaths that have healing hands and are other ppls “counseler”? Even strangers come to you for advise….
    I don’t belong here, where I live!
    My soul is urging me to move away from here…
    I need to find like minded ppl and that isn’t happening here in extremely small town, USA!!

    1. Avatar of Starry B.

      I agree, I am more than one type of Empath and it can definitely be lonely and very tiring. I have no real friends that are like me and always feel misunderstood and alone.

      I always say, “where is my planet and people because this isn’t it”…

  2. Avatar of Nereida

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  5. Avatar of Kiran Bais

    I fluctuate between Geomantic and Telepathic, Geomantic empathy is something that i felt frequently. But telepathic i feel with Sri Sri Ravishankar whose gathering I attended twice.People had written their questions on a chit, I had decided to keep it in my mind and he caught the exact question and all the answers were related to my beloved.This one was in a close group in a hall and i was interacting with them for the first time. I felt as though he was just communicating with my questions because i follow Meher Baba, as a perfect master i keep only him, but in life when I interacted with this kind of divine soul. I feel a very close connection of purity. After 2 years i got to know that he is a very good telepath.

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