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Depression Self-Help

Depression Self-Help

Fighting of the Mental Anguish of Self-DepressionAll people will encounter at one stage of their lives a stage of depression.

Social Comparison, Two-sided Sword That We Should Be Careful To

Living in society sometimes cannot be easy as I thought it would be. There are lots of fun things that won’t be fun if we don’t have any friends or acquaintance to do with, such as watching movies, hangout, workout every morning in the weekend, etc.

Give Yourself Permission To Not Be Where You Want To Be

We are hard pressed, once we learn the intellectual aspect of infinite possibilities, to achieve our highest life potential. It just makes sense. It’s obvious it can be done because an internal knowing feels that those who’ve reached themselves, have done so, with a gift or a silver platter that we ourselves have yet to come across in our own lives to the extent that those who have mastered the present have… Read More..

By Empoweress
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