How to manifest with a Love Letter to yourself?


How to manifest with a Love Letter to yourself?

“The secret of attraction is to love yourself”
Deepak Chopra

Treating oneself with due respect & love that comes straight from the heart goes a long way in establishing us as par excellence. Buddha and all other great Masters emphasized on the inner nature to forgive & love our self which will eventually extend to others.

I have been walking this awakening path for some years and even now I have difficulty at times in forgetting, while forgiveness comes easy. When your mind keeps conjuring up the hurt time & again reminding you how miserable you felt, your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-love goes down and you’re kept wondering what did I do wrong?

And we do get hurt a lot, when we think people are not understanding us, are not emotionally involved as much as we are, are manipulative of us and jealous, forgetting that it’s not us that they are harassed with, but their own self.

When we are always thinking in our mind about these negative circumstances and people we tend to attract them and as we feel miserable we attract the same energy in everything, thus our success, dreams & goals seem far away even with all the Law of attraction rituals and energy work we do.

I recently had an experience which helped me in devising this tool. This person has always been a jealous one as she had been frustrated of her life, and doesn’t know how to share respect when others are. I bet you must be having someone like this in your life too, whom you can’t shake off because they come under the imminent “label” of family and relatives, and there I was time & again trying to show from my behavior that one should always be respectful.

I was buying gifts for family and I brought something that I know she’ll use, and she came back at me in a very rude and haughty manner. Immediately my happiness of gifting was marred and I got really hurt, when I should not have been because I could see this person was not happy with herself, but I’m a human like you

After an hour of sulking, I readily sat to forgive as I didn’t want to attract the same kind of people around me, so I forgave readily and even now send her happiness & love. But still my self-doubts came searing up and for 2 whole days of trying to calm my mind I was inspired to write, not that I need some special encouragement as I love writing but this prompt was special.

I connected with my angels and my higher-self first and asked for their assistance, the end product of which is the love letter that I wrote to myself.


“Love yourself, forgive yourself. Be true to yourself. How you treat yourself sets the standard for how others will treat you.”

– Steve Maraboli


Immediately, my energy shifted and I could feel the negativity draining away from me, the hurt and the anger been replaced with lightness, a sense of freedom and joy of being present to enjoy the awareness of each moment. The shifts since then has been profound and now I know there’s nothing to forgive or forget because whatever happened is always for good.

Without the experience I wouldn’t have got this beautiful tool which I use regularly if not daily and with it I’ve attracted the right people and right situations and am continuing forward with same success

Remember that every “nasty” experience that we tag so, are actually our teacher and if we can forgive & will us to understand the teachings that we got, life changes thereafter.

Know that universe works with our energy, the thoughts that we have, the words that we chose to describe us. Every minute we are manifesting, so if we say, “Oh, I’m so lousy”, we become one, “I am a failure”, we are one, “I am always getting into problems”, we attract them. Whenever in difficulty and challenges, never say what have I done to attract this negativity, rather think and analyze when had you berated yourself or felt bad about yourself and you’ll have the answer.

The Law of Attraction is working every minute for you, only your choices have been unhealthy & without awareness.

What needs to be done?

Before you start with the procedure of writing the love letter(I always feel good about it), sit down for a few minutes, and remember when was the last time you patted yourself and said, “You did good” or just felt happy being you?

Can’t remember, can you?

When you don’t get what you want in life remember that the person carrying out the karma or working to build the future doesn’t believe in the builder, can you make sense of it???

You not believing yourself!!!!!

I can’t so I’ve stopped the pity-party and the self-depreciating thoughts, its sometimes feel good to think we’re a victim of others and the situation but the real reason is within each one of us. So, the next time you feel like starting an intention (during either full moon or new moon time), and working for your dreams, talk to yourself first.

GMCKS said that we should be the most important person in our life. If we are not happy, not satisfied with our life, we tend to create negative energies within us and around us, in family, among our friends, and extend it to our life.

When we are happy, we feel everything’s sunny, because we make them sunny!!! While working with the energies for our health, finances, relationships, job etc. we must remember to keep our self at higher vibrations, so that our manifestations become a reality in our life.

What is the easiest way to do it?

By keeping our-self happy, of course and now you have the “Love Letter to yourself”.

Procedure of writing your love letter:

1.       Use blue pen and a white sheet

2.       Whenever you write to yourself, start with a loving hello

3.       As you greet yourself, shift your focus to your heart chakra

4.       Remain aware of your heart chakra & smile at yourself

5.       In all of your letters to yourself, let the first paragraph be about your goodness, your abilities & how you feel so happy that you have such skills/personality

6.       Then, think about the skills, abilities that you want to develop within yourself

7.       Write to yourself about them as if you already are blessed with them

8.       While you write about them feel the joy, happiness & love that you feel because you are so good

9.       As now you are the best person and the best version that you’ve already wanted to be, write about one particular dream that you feel will come true now. Is it going around the world or having a stable relationship, or getting a permanent job/raise in your job?

When you manifest this dream because of yourself what will you do? When I started my journey, I had the goal of writing a book and then in the letter to myself I wrote how will I celebrate the day, in the most luxurious hotel having a meal. Guess what? I had my meal ….

10.   Remember the more you write you ought to feel more joy, as being ecstatic about yourself and your love of who you are is to accept yourself.

With acceptance comes allowing and with it comes success as Universe acts according to what you feel about yourself!!!

Writing these letters are addictive in a good way and boosts our morale & energy instantly. As you keep writing them, let the earlier ones be kept in a place secured & secretive from prying eyes, and every 6 months, read them and either burrow them in Mother Earth, symbolizing giving it to her to help grow and flourish or give them to a flowing water symbolizing the ever-flowing abundance.

I hope this love letter will attract abundance to your life as it has for others.



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