9 Reasons Why Empaths Are The Best People To Have Around


Reasons Why Empaths Are Best People Have Around

Empaths are not only a healing breeze but are the best people to have in life. Our life is a hurricane of events and in chaotic resonances, sometimes a beautiful breeze is all that we want. Nothing can be better than the moment when that breeze not only soothes us, understands us but also talks to us.

That’s what empaths are like. They are caring, understanding, and stay with us during the time when our world falls apart. Yes, empaths are the best people to have around us.

It’s not just because of their affection, it’s because of the so many reasons which make them the healing breeze that instills in us, the faith that the world is a beautiful place.

Here Are 9 Reasons Why Empaths Are The Best People To Have Around

(1) Healing makes empaths happy.

Tired of getting ignored by people and tired of healing yourself? Well, you have the empaths to take care of that.

We all have our own problems. Sometimes, we sulk in one corner of the room, completely drained by listening to the problems of our peers. The question is: we have our own issues too; who will listen to them? Empaths are there for us. Empaths never get tired of healing people.

In fact, they draw their happiness from healing. They will do their best to make you recover from the wound, like heartbreak or a loss. They will spend hours with you, curing your psychological trauma. The best part is, you don’t need to feel guilty about wasting their time because they love it. This makes them happy.

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(2) Empaths are the most loyal friends one can have.

An empath will never lie to you. Trust is very important to an empath because an empath understands what it feels to have your trust broken.

It is the sensitive and understanding nature of the empath that makes them value trust. So, if you have an empath around, you can be assured of the fact that you have that one friend who will never disclose your secrets and who will help you in every possible way.

An empath is the most loyal friend one can ever have.

(3) Empaths are the best listeners.

Empaths listen to people. They not only listen to the words but also observe the gestures, the body movements and can easily figure out the emotions attached.

One can keep on talking to an empath and the empath will not disturb you. They will only talk once you are done. So, you can go on talking uninterrupted. They will remember each and every minute detail and talk to them, which will make you feel lighter.

(4) Empaths are the best people to give advice.

Empaths know the world. They know you too. Most of the times, we dwell in the constant fight between logic and emotion.

Empaths know how to balance them. It is because of their knowledge of the world and their ability to understand the emotions of everyone that they can give the best advice which will leave you satisfied and happy.

They will know exactly what’s best for you. They will understand that something which is best for you might not be good for another person even if the situation is similar. They know each and every person is unique and that each and every person should be dealt with individually.

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(5) Empaths will never cheat you even as revenge.

Empaths can be trusted with anything and everything. Even if you hurt an empath, they will never take revenge and cheat on you. Instead, they will suffer by themselves.

(6) Empaths can understand exactly what you are going through.

Empaths do not need to face the situation you are going through, to understand your state of mind. If you tell them everything, they will identify themselves, will you?

They will not charge you for being too emotional or too weak or too angry. They will understand why have you reacted in a certain way and will help you out.

(7) Empaths know people are different.

Empaths know that two persons cannot be the same. So, if you are being ridiculed by your peers for wearing a certain dress or supporting a certain team, you have empaths by your side. Empaths understand that choices differ and they respect that.

(8) Empaths respect everyone.

Empaths understand the value of respect. They respect each and every people irrespective of their age or attitude or the work they do. They send out such a positive vibe around you, that you will feel blessed to have them.

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(9) Empaths are forgiving.

It’s okay to make mistakes. Empaths understand that. Confess your guilt and empathy will forgive you. They know forgiving is the best way to heal broken bonds.

Empaths make our lives simple. Empaths solve our problems and make us happy.

They create a positive and joyous environment around us. It’s a blessing to have them with us.

9 Reasons Why Empaths Are The Best People To Have Around
Reasons Why Empaths Are Best People Have Around Pin

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