13 Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

Unique Challenges and Struggles An Empath Faces Daily

Empaths truly are the rarest of the rare beings. They have the unique ability to sense the emotions of others. This goes beyond knowing whether a person is sad or angry. So, the struggles of an empath are also unique.

An empath can actually feel exactly how the other person is feeling. When they say that they know what the other person is going through, they mean it. In theory, this seems like an awesome power to have.

Wouldn’t you be thrilled to be able to know whether the other person is being deceptive or whether they are genuinely happy for you?

Being able to know the emotions of others would seem nothing short of a truth-telling machine. It might be the nearest thing to be able to read the minds of others, to be able to know what is going on in their minds. But being able to feel the emotions of others is definitely not a walk in the park.

Because Empaths can’t stop this power at will, they get affected by the emotions of others very easily. This is a very draining situation indeed. Going through so many intense emotions on a daily basis can suck out the energy of any normal human.

An empath has to go through a lot in life. And unlike them, no one else can understand what they are going through. No one can imagine the drudgery it is to be affected by the moods of other people. This is why Empaths tend to need some time alone. Because when they are alone they can replenish their exhausted energy resources. This is also the reason why they don’t particularly like spending time in events where the air tends to get emotionally charged very easily.

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Although with time, Empaths learn to take care of themselves despite their rather unusual powers. But in the beginning, it can be a lot for a person to take in. And sometimes people don’t even realize that they are an Empath and therefore are none the wiser about how to take care of themselves.

Unless a person is an empath, they wouldn’t understand the unique challenges faced by them. And unless they are able to understand their powers and their repercussions, they won’t be able to defend themselves against the many ups and downs they have to go through on a daily basis.

So here are a few things that only an empath goes through:

1) They Struggle With Watching Television

For an empath, any bad news is devastating, it impacts them more than the others.

If there is any kind of negativity in their surroundings, they absorb it too and feel terrible. If there is anything that is too tragic, it will strike them harder than anyone else. They can’t handle too much bad news because they can’t simply turn a blind eye and forget. Even if they heard or saw a fake or real violent situation, they will be deeply upset for days.

Even watching a gruesome accident in the news would give them nightmares. So they have to be incredibly careful about the kind of news they consume. This is one of the unique struggles of an empath that most people never notice.

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2) They are always drained of energy

They have this sort of enormous, invisible straw connected to their bodies at all times. And this straw keeps sucking away all the energy they have. They get drained easily because going through so many different emotions in a little time can take its toll on anyone. They are always low on energy. They are constantly battling emotional fatigue.

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