If You Want An Intense Kind Of Relationship, Date A Girl With Hyper-Empathy

If You Want An Intense Kind Of Relationship, Date A Girl With Hyper-Empathy

“A sensitive soul sees the world through the lens of love.”
Cheryl Richardson.


Girls who are highly empathetic are extremely emotional by nature. They will sweep you off your feet and make each and every moment of your life special. If you are looking for a relationship which is very passionate and full of intensity, then you should date a girl with hyper-empathy. Looking for reasons? Here are they:


(1)  They are highly intuitive and hence communication wouldn’t be a problem:

Girls with hyper-empathy are extremely intuitive. Even if you don’t tell them whatever that is going on with you inside your heart, they will figure it out quickly and act accordingly. They can understand others and feel for them. They will reciprocate your feelings and will make your life a lot easier. This gives lucidity to your relationship and with communication made easier, you wouldn’t feel the relationship to be a cumbersome one.



(2)  They are extremely sensitive but their hearts are equally stronger:

Yes, this type of girls are extremely sensitive. But don’t worry. They wouldn’t cry over each and every single thing. They are rather stronger than others and know how to struggle. They wouldn’t bother you much with their problems and instead, will be the shield of your life.



(3)  They are extremely emotional and they understand emotions of others too:

Girls with hyper-empathy are extremely emotional. Since they understand the value of emotions, they respect emotions of others as well. Since you are looking for a relationship which is full of passion, these girls are the best ones for you. Exploring emotions in the relationship, they will render intensity to it which is exactly what you wanted.



(4)  They are not afraid when it comes to love:

Highly-empathetic girls aren’t scared to fall in love. They will do whatever it takes to be with you if you love them back. They can even travel to the poles, simply to be with you. They will fight, sacrificing their luxuries if needed.



(5)  They are extremely loyal and committed:

Since they can feel what others go through, girls who have a strong sense of empathy will never do anything that will hurt others. This is why they are extremely loyal when they are in a relationship. They will never cheat on you because they know they will be hurting you.



(6)  They understand that a relationship requires adjustment and compromise:

Girls with hyper-empathy love selflessly. They value relationships and understand that strong relationships are based on adjustment and compromise. They will give their best to be with you and adjust according to your needs. They wouldn’t whine and complain about you and rather will try their best to fit themselves in your world. This will make you fall in love with her more.



(7)  They will not only be there for you but also for your loved ones:

When you are in a relationship with a girl with hyper-empathy, you can be assured of the fact that she will not only be there just for you but also for the ones you love. This kind of girls can absorb feelings of others and they never see their partner as a human being in isolation. They have high respect for their family and friends and they will care for them like their partners.


Girls with hyper-empathy will love you in the way nobody has ever loved you before. They will make you feel what true love is and the intensity of their love will make your life dynamic.

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