5 Kinds Of Psychic Empath Ability

Kinds Of Psychic Empath Ability

An empath is one who is highly aware of other people’s emotions, their positive and negative feelings, physical illness, mental pain, and intentions. It is common for an empath to feel the vibe of a room and feel overwhelming emotions in crowded areas because of the ability to absorb others’ emotions. Empathy is one of the traits of highly sensitive people.

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However, psychic empathy is different from normal empathy. A psychic empath can easily detect how others feel without visual or verbal cues to that effect. Sometimes it may be simply by using intuition and other times by detecting energy fields or auras.  This ability is a getaway to open up senses and seek guidance from angels or spirits.

There are different kinds of psychic empath ability and here are 5 of them that will help you better understand yourself. 

5 Kinds Of Psychic Empath Ability

1. Emotional Empathy

Emotional empathy helps you figure out one’s emotions easily. You can see through the deceptive mask and find out the truth. If you are a skilled empath, it is difficult for a person to pretend to love you while hating you deep inside. This psychic empath ability is a very common gift and useful to find out what exactly is going in your house or in a group of your friends.

Sometimes you may feel another person’s emotions so deeply as if it’s your own struggle, pain, or happiness. But the downside of this empath gift is that you may feel overwhelmed by taking on others’ energy consciously or unconsciously. You can prevent that by building emotional stability and having a stronger sense of yourself.

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2. Place empathy 

Place empaths are those who feel highly uncomfortable in some places while extremely happy in some locations. For example, you may have an attraction towards calm places and hate being in areas with lots of hustle and bustle. That may happen due to the presence of specific energy and emotion associated with a particular place and you can feel that more deeply than others.

People with this psychic empath ability can easily sense if a location is in your best interest or not. Place empathy is a rare gift that mostly goes unmentioned. Such empaths are found to help loved ones or lost souls cross over into heaven.

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3. Intellectual empathy 

This psychic empath gift allows you to get inside other person’s head and understand their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It’s a great advantage when you are trying to grab the best deal, extract valuable information from your competitor, negotiate prices with your clients, and so on. This psychic empath ability to imaginatively put yourself in place of others is the strength of cognition power. It is completely opposite to being self-centered.

However, intellectual empathy is not similar to mind reading and there is nothing unethical about it. But, you can notice and speak what is most important or beneficial in any given situation. So, you may be helpful to other people who are worried or in low life state conditions. You may also talk like or duplicate the consciousness of people whom you admire. For example, you may talk fast and loud or change the language just like one of your close friends. Hence, intellectual empaths need to be in a high vibrational company. Else you may lose your own energy level.

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4. Medical Empathy

Medical empathy is a common but lesser-known gift. If you are a medical empath you may feel worse when your loved one is sick and needs medical help. Even if your friends and family members are in a different country, you may take on their energy and replicate their symptoms without knowing their exact health issues.

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  1. Avatar of Ronnie Kennedy
    Ronnie Kennedy

    Familiar Spirits is more of a curse than gift. I scored off the chart as strongest Psychic Empath and believe Deuteronomy Chapter 18 KJV and have read enough William James, Carl Jung, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Aleister Crowley, Gerald Gardner, Father Thomas Merton Father Thomas Keating, Rick Rohr, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Thich Nhat Hanh, Underhandedness, Deception, Subversive Covert coercive tactics to be of sound mind to reject Lucifer and the fallen third and the Great Deception of Mystery Religion Of Babylon Antichrist Spirit. Thank God for Steve Bancart and Doreen Virtue and departed Caryl Matriciana and R. Yungen for being 100% spot on and turning to the only hope for all of us equally recognition of this insidious malevolent diabolical deception. Good luck to everyone may you find the reality not based on experential or feelings but on objective non changing fact as the same yesterday, tomorrow and for eternity not based on hallucinations and delusions during altered states of consciousness or contact with entities that are deceptive and want you to believe you are God and no such thing as Good or Evil you can do whatever you want and you’re not harming anyone without acknowledgement of Occult intergenerational and Biblical curses that can last five generations☘️

  2. Avatar of Mellissa Campbell

    1,2 &4, Describe me, perfectly. I’ve always had heightened insights & intuitions. These traits used to give me a sense of pride. Lately, I’m finding them, troublesome, to the point I scoffed both times, you referred to them as gifts.

    1. Avatar of Julie Ann Zamora

      #1 emotional and #4 intellectual are strong I think. #3 (place) is scary to feel though. #5 (nature and animals) shallow but I like outdoors. #2 (medical) is now controlled, I’m healthier.

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