Zodiac Pairs Which Are The Most Passionate and Powerful Together


Pisces and Capricorn are two opposite poles attracting each other. The dreamy, creative Pisces will draw the earthly Capricorn towards it and their strong faith in achieving their dreams will inspire the Capricorn too. While Pisces will make sure the Capricorn enjoys creative moments, the Capricorn will keep the Pisces rooted to the ground when they are sailing too deep in the abysmal ocean. Pisces always stay away from Virgo who can’t understand their dreamy nature.

Which one of these are you?

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Zodiac Pairs Which Are The Most Passionate and Powerful Together



  1. The author is only describing the sun signs compatibility, you have to consider the natal chart for to see their full compatibility.
    Astrologist actually have different preferences and suggestions of couples who should be together.

  2. First, thank you for the fun article and yes, I get that is mainly what it is for. Having sad that, I have been paying attention to signs that tend to end up together and lasting. A few are expected Scorpio/Scorpio, Virgo/Scorpio, Aries/Aries, Pisces/ Taurus, Gemini/ Libra off the top my head. But heres where your article goes astray, Cancer/Aquarius is a very common combo and very long lasting. I know of four couples in this combo right now, ranging from 20-50 years together. A famous couple of this combo would be Reagan’s. I read up on astrology for many years and then I just started asking questions……Yes, the cheesy “Hey, whats your sign/B-day?” but after 27 years of doing this I’ve noticed patterns. Some signs more then others when it comes to relationships and who end up with. Some other interesting combo’s the generic astrology would not pair is Capricorn/Aries (Granted the younger they start the better), Cancer/Gemini, Taurus male/ Aquarius female (this one weirdly works too, the female Aquarius seem to like a….more “in charge’ man? (Remember Cancer…) and seem to just roll with the punches in this combo.) Just some food for thought. It would be interesting to know if others have noticed different generically “incompatible” signs that seem to end up together.