The Reason Why it is a Big Mistake to Give Up on Love

Why it is Big Mistake Give Up Love

The pain that failed relationships cause, leaving us damaged and broken, naturally gives rise to a plethora of confusing emotions and bitter thoughts that make us want to give up on love forever. But, giving up on love is not the right way to move on from a disappointing relationship. The reason being that love is something that constitutes your being. Yes, as naive as it may sound, the truth is that we are all made of Love!

Love isn’t just a feeling; it is a state of your being. Honored spiritual teaches, like Ramkrishna, explain to us the nature of Great Love or Absolute Love, which is considered the source of everything.

According to these wise souls, love underpins the fabric of the universe and hence, is present at the very core of humans. This all-pervading energy keeps the world going round. All creations are a manifestation of the supremely powerful force called Love.

As a result, only by nurturing the divine force of love within ourselves are we able to experience true happiness and find meaning in life. When we choose to give up on love, we become disconnected from our true nature, which simply wants to give and receive love; and thereby, we become confused, disoriented and unhappy beings.

Giving up on what we are made of is the biggest mistake we can possibly make! Love gives us a sense of coherence. By discarding love from our lives, we bring in a feeling of numbness in our souls. Everything feels pointless, we lose our sense of purpose in life.

The Reason Why it is a Big Mistake to Give Up on Love

Don’t blame the pain on love

When things don’t work out in a relationship, we think that love is responsible for us feeling hurt.

”I was a fool to fall in love.”

“I’ll never allow myself to fall in love again.”

“Love just causes pain. I can’t handle so much pain, so I’m giving up on love!’’- I hear things like these so often. But will you believe me if I say that it is not loving, or you being in love that caused so much pain?

If we must hold something responsible for our pain, it should be the misconceptions about love that we have cultivated in our minds. The ideas we have about love, what ideal relationships should be like, what is right and wrong in love; and our unshakable belief in these notions is what really causes pain.

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Most of us are oblivious to the spiritual nature of love. Usually, our love is about controlling our partner, where our egos make decisions, instead of our spirits. In the name of love, we play God with a loved one’s life. We think that we know what’s best for the other person and try to influence their destiny. But in the process, we often rob them of their freedom and become a hindrance in the path they were intended to follow. Every soul wants to express freely, to live authentically. But when we interfere, things often go terribly wrong.

Genuine love means not wanting to either change or cage a person. True love is only interested in loving wholeheartedly, without demands and expectations; it is unconditional.

We have moved away from this selfless, unadulterated nature of love. Instead, we fill our heads with toxic ideas about love that ultimately causes pain and emotional distress in relationships. So, if you’re going through a heartbreak, don’t blame love and give up on it. Give up your false notions that tarnish the divine elements of love. Give up your attachment.  Over-attachment is unhealthy, and the root cause of all grief.

“Drop the idea that attachment and love are one thing. They are enemies. It is attachment that destroys all love ’’- Chanakya

We confuse love with attachment and all sorts of unwholesome feelings. Attachment leads to dependency and fear and is actually a manifestation of the love of self instead of the love of another person.

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